Wednesday, January 30, 2013

40 Days

I love Facebook. I love checking in with friends, seeing what they're up to, and sharing my fun and funny situations with my kids. As someone who scored 100% extrovert on the Myers-Briggs test, there is just something about the connections on Facebook.

Yet, no one would deny (except maybe Mark Zuckerberg), Facebook is one huge waste of time. More than the time spent scrolling through people's updates, watching videos, and checking to see who comments on my own status, is the permission I am giving other people to speak into my life, and to take time away from other things.

That rant, that political update, that offensive comment, that derogatory remark, that trivia, that stupid cat photo...I gave permission to those people to waste my time, take time away from my family, or my obligations, my hobbies, my job.

And so yesterday I began a 40 day fast from Facebook  The funny thing is, while I go on Facebook often, I don't believe I am  "addicted" to Facebook. Day 1 was easy, almost freeing to think I didn't "have" to check in. Freeing to know that I'm not giving anyone permission to waste my time. 

That's not to say the next 39 days will be easy. I will miss connected with my friends, and the quick way of checking in. I'll have to be more intentional with my real friends. And that is a good thing. But all that stuff, that unimportant stuff, will be gone, and with I will have a time of sabbatical, refreshment and renewal to focus on what's really important in my life.  40 days.  

Where do you need to refocus in your life? And will you?

Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit,left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness,
where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. Luke 4:1-2

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