Friday, December 21, 2012

Is Christ in Christmas?

"They're trying to take Christ out of Christmas!" That's a comment I hear often in the Christian community this time of year. We get so indignant that someone should say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," But here is the thing:  They never put Christ IN Christmas - we did, coupling the birth of our Savior with a pagan holiday. 

In the 4th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival (or winter solstice) hoping to take the pagan masses in with it.  Christian leaders succeeded in converting to Christianity large numbers of pagans by promising them that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians.

The exact date of birth of Jesus is unknown. In fact, most scholars believe he was born in the spring (shepherds keeping watch over their sheep is a hint). Yes, we Christians choose to put Christ into the pagan holiday. And now we scream so loudly when the "pagans" try to keep him out.

Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter, is another example of us coupling our sacred event with a pagan event. The English word "Easter" is believed to be derived from a spring festival for a pagan goddess, Eostre. And don't forget the Easter bunny and eggs, also pagan symbols that we've try to revamp into a Christian holiday.

Don't get me wrong! I love Christmas! I love having a special time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, and give gifts to those I love. A time to celebrate family, bake treats, decorate, and sing songs of His birth. I just can't justify getting angry at those who want to take Christ out of Christmas, when they never put him there to start with.

There is no Biblical mandate to celebrate the birthday of Christ. Unlike remembering the Sabbath, or communion, where Christ clearly said, "Do this to remember me," we don't see evidence of a yearly celebration of Christ's birthday. So I think to take a stance against those who happen to utter "Happy Holidays" is arrogant.

And maybe, just maybe, if instead of getting angry we showed them God's love, they might be able to find Christ in us, and then have a reason to say "Merry Christmas" after all.
Kelly Combs is a Christian wife, mom, writer and speaker. You can learn about Kelly by visiting her website at

Chatty Kelly

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It started out like a normal shopping experience. Two cashiers were checking out customers from one line at the retail department store. The customer, an older woman, was disappointed because they only had 1 sweater left. The sales associate offered, "Let me go check the back room."

I'll admit it. Selfishly, I was annoyed. One less cashier meant a slower moving line. But soon enough I was up to the other cashier and began checking out. As I did, the first cashier, Lori, came back. "I found them!" she exclaimed to the now thrilled customer, continuing, "It was a 'Thank You Jesus' moment."

I finished my purchase and walked away. Lori was clearly a Christian, and showing it both by going the extra mile for her customer, and giving Jesus the glory. This deserved a crowning moment! 

Recently I became award of "Crowned Women's Ministries." It's a lovely ministry that provides crown necklaces as outreach tools. You can either wear one, and give it to someone when they compliment you on it as you share the gospel with them, or give it to someone who needs encouragement. I had mine in my purse, just waiting for the right moment. 

I got back in line.  As I finally made my way to Lori, she remembered me. "Back again, huh?" I handed her the crown necklace in it's pink pouch. "I heard you say 'Thank you Jesus,' and thought it was a crowning moment. I'd just like to remind you that you are chosen, wonderfully made, dearly loved and a daughter of the king," I told her, using the verbiage on the back of the necklace card. 

"You don't know what this means to me!" Then she looked me in the eye, the way you do when you're being serious with someone and said again, "You don't know what this means to me. This is the 5th day that I haven't been crying." She leaned over the retail counter and hugged me, and I said "Jesus loves you" and went on my way. As I walked away I heard her exclaiming joyfully to a co-worker, "Can you believe that?!!"

Honestly, it's scary to put yourself out there as a Christian. The reason I love "Crowned by the King" is that there are so many ways to use it out as an outreach tool. I used it to encourage. I don't know what Lori's been going through, but I know that she's had reason to cry, yet still she was thanking Jesus boldly in a retail store. She deserved to be crowned, and I'm so glad Jesus used me to encourage her.

Who can you encourage today?  Check out Crowned by the King ministries, and learn how you can bless women. I can honestly say I was almost moved to tears, and I was as blessed as my sister in Christ, Lori.
Kelly Combs is a Christian wife, mom, writer and speaker. You can learn about Kelly by visiting her website at

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Where is the Light in the Darkness?

Where was God during the Sandy Hook school shooting? How do you explain the unfathomable? I don't have the answers. But I thought I would share something my Pastor said on Sunday.

Jesus is the light of the world. Imagine a lighthouse. It doesn't stop the darkness. It simply emits light to aid navigation in the darkness. Jesus is there to show us the way, even in the darkness of the evil. He didn't stop the evil, but he is still there shining the light, showing us the way if we look toward him.  

A sailor can chose to ignore a lighthouse, and may crash into dangerous coastlines or reefs. And people can chose to ignore the Light, Jesus, and cause the world to come crashing in on themselves and others. 

Jesus came to be our Immanuel - God with us. He is still with us. Even in the midst of darkness, he is shining his light. Seek his guidance, and reflect his light to the world.

 When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

Kelly Combs is a Christian wife, mom, writer and speaker. You can learn about Kelly by visiting her website at

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