Monday, July 9, 2012

Balancing Faith

Being a Christian is hard. Like a tight rope walk, it requires stellar balance not to fall.

We are in the world, but we are not supposed to be of the world. 

We are to "judge not," yet we are to "rebuke, correct and teach."

We may get angry, but we must not sin in our anger.

We are called to love our enemies, yet at the same time Jesus told the disciples if anyone rejected them to leave and "shake the dust off their feet as a testimony against them."

We are given free will, but if we chose wrong, we lose everything.

We are free, but not everything is beneficial. Yes, there is still sin we should walk away from. Or better yet, run.

We have to reject what the world loves so that they may hate us, but be salt and light to the world so they want what we have - Jesus. 

It's hard to walk on the tightrope of faith. And yes, sometimes we fall. But thankfully, with Jesus on our side, he is always there to catch us when we do, and offer us another chance to walk by faith.

Kelly Combs is a Christian wife, mom, writer and speaker. You can learn about Kelly by visiting her website at

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Kari Scare said...

Balance is so important. I am so glad Jesus is the scale and not another item to balance!

MelanieClarkDorsey said...

I read this shortly after I read another post by another Christian blogger who was describing her family's July 4th celebration. One of the things she mentioned that was enjoyed by some of the family members disturbed me because I can't reckon it with my sensibilities. However, I must let that be between that family and God. I was trying to balance it all in my own mind and was feeling "off" about it all. "Off" about the activity and "off" in my own judgment, feelings, upbringing, interpretation...whatever it is at its core.
Your opening line..."Being a Christian is hard" - yeah, that.