Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thankful for "Nothing"

"It's not fair. I have to go to school, and you get to do nothing." 

I couldn't help but laugh at my 8 year old's thoughts on what I do all day.  And while it seems like some days I don't do anything meaningful in the world's eyes, here is what some of the nothing I do looks like.

My family opens their dresser drawers to find clean, folded clothes to wear.  
They open the refrigerator and pantry to find the food that was purchased.
They sit down to a prepared supper each night.
The house is cleaned.
Bedding is changed.
When the children grow, new clothes are purchased.
The dogs are well cared for, taken out during the day when the rest of the family is away.
There is help with homework, chauffeur services to events, appointments schedule, and more.

My children appreciate the big things I do, taking them to Busch Gardens or painting the playroom, but the every day things are often overlooked. I could have gotten angry or offended that all of my work was overlooked. But the fact is I do the exact same God.

Oh yes, when I get a big answer to prayer I am thankful. But I forget that every day I live is a gift from God. Every thing in my life is a provision. The rain that cleans the air. The flowers that decorate the earth. The trees that provide the air I breath. Every. Single. Little. Thing. Yet, even if God did "nothing" else, sending Jesus as our Savior should be more than enough. Yet, he continues to generously provide our everything... and our "nothing."

One day my precious 8 year old will mature and she will be thankful for all the "nothing" I did.  May our faith mature to the point that we too may be thankful to God for "nothing."
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Fmciver1959 said...

Kelly, what a great reminder. Thanks

Carmens said...

He speaks to us through the everyday things. Love the way you think!

Kelly Combs said...

Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you came by!

Kelly Combs said...

Thank you Carmen! My 8 yr old keeps me on my toes.

Rosalie said...

I applaud all the "nothing" you do! Someday I might come close to hitting your standard. (probably not!) You give me an example to aim for! Thank you!

Kari Scare said...

Great perspective checker here. Moms can easily feel taken for granted, but obviously we can avoid that feeling if our focus is on Him and not ourselves.

David M. said...

Funny how "When you're busy doing nothing, you don't have time to do anything!"

I heard a news report last week that stated that people that work at home (ie: stay-at-home moms) work an average of about 92 hours per week and if were actually paid would earn around $115,000 per year. That's alot of pay for doing nothing!

Kelly Combs said...

For all the nothing I do, it can seem like I get paid nothing. But when I look at all the provisions I have from God, my husband, and even all the hugs & kisses from my kids, I get paid a lot. (But not $115,000 cash). ;-)

Kelly Combs said...

Amen, Kari!

Kelly Combs said...

Rosalie - I know you do lots of nothing...and on multiple continents! Keep it up girl!