Friday, April 20, 2012

Choose Well

I was chatting with a friend who had recently ended a relationship and as a result lost his health insurance which had been provided by his spouse. He said, "I can't afford insurance now," with the costs of renting an apartment, supplementing his furnishing and other new bills associated with moving.

As we continued to talk however, he told me about his weekend jaunt to Key West, flying down and staying in a hotel for 2 nights. He then shared about his planned trip to the Bahamas. He talked about all the new restaurants in town he was trying out. The more we talked the more it became apparent to me that he probably could afford health insurance. He was simply choosing to spend his money in more fun and entertaining places.

The decision of course is his. I, however, would not gamble that illness or injury would not strike. I am the type who would rather have the health insurance, and perhaps forgo an exciting trip or two. Does it make me boring? Perhaps. But I know my health needs will be cared for, without catastrophic costs, should an emergency occur.

I believe non-believers are taking the same type of gamble as my friend. They choose what they believe are the more "fun and entertaining" options of the world, gambling that either there is no God, or that God is a benevolent benefactor who will welcome all "good" people into heaven.

We make such choices every day. Families say "I can't attend church on Sunday, " choosing travel sports or summer trips over the fellowship of believers. They say "I can't afford to tithe," but have money for every thing else.They say "I can't find time for Bible study," but watch hours of television each week.

It's easy to say "I can't" when it comes to things we'd really rather not do. But it is a choice. Your choice. My choice. Choose well. Then you can know that your eternal needs will be cared for, without catastrophic costs. On the day when we stand before God in heaven, he won't say to us, "I can't let you in."

Then I (Jesus) will tell them plainly, "I never knew you. 
Away from me, you evildoers!" Matthew 7:23

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Sue J said...

Ah, free will.... I think we can see the maturity in our relationship with God when we use our free will in accordance with His will. Lifelong lesson....

Kelly Combs said...

So true. I love the way you put that. Thanks.

Kari Scare said...

Making decisions has been on my mind a lot lately. I wrote a post called "Multiple Choice Gone Mad" last week and plan to delve more into decision-making this Friday. What I take most from your post here is that the quality of our decisions can make a big difference. Also, that we often waste our decisions on small, trivial things and then don't have the mental energy to spend on the bigger, more important decisions. Can I reference this post in my post on Friday? Thanks.

Kelly Combs said...

Absolutely Kari. I'd be honored. Thanks!

Kari Scare said...

Great! Also, if you have time, I would love to hear any additional thoughts you have on decision making.