Monday, March 19, 2012

Is God your Sponsor or Crew Chief?

"Lord, none of this would be possible without you," the man prayed during Sunday services.  My 12 year old leaned over and whispered, "That sounds like a commercial, 'This wouldn't be possible without our sponsor.'"  Her words got me thinking. How often do we treat God like our sponsor?

If you've ever watched NASCAR racing, at the end of every race the winning driver thanks his sponsor,  "This wouldn't be possible without the support of XYZ."  But believe me, they don't let their sponsor tell them how to race.  For that they have their crew chief.  

The crew chief is continuously available via radio contact with the driver and the driver follows all the directions from the chief. From his position the crew chief can see everything that is going on.  He warns the driver of danger ahead, encourages him through hard turns in the track, and instructs him when to make pit stops.  The sponsor simply gives money and let's the team do what they want, as long as they give the sponsor credit when they win.

In life, God wants to be our crew chief. He is always available through prayer contact to give us directions; warning us of dangers, encouraging us through hard times, and instructing us. He is our Crew Chief, not our sponsor. He doesn't want us to just thank him and give him credit when we do well. He wants to be involved in the decision making, to have an active part in the race of our life.

How are you running your race? Let God be your crew chief, not just your sponsor. A sponsor may be nice to have when life is going great.  But it's the crew chief who is with you not only in the winner's circle, but also in the pits.

Kelly Combs is a Christian wife, mom, writer and speaker. You can learn about Kelly by visiting her website at

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Kenneth Acha said...

Great post Kelly.
I agree, God is both our crew chief and our sponsor. I believe that is the only way to live the christian live to the full. God is our Shepherd (crew chief) and our God whom we worship (sponsor).

Sharon Sloan said...


Kelly Combs said...

Thanks Kenneth. I love how you put God in both positions, and you are right on! He doesn't ONLY want to be our sponsor, he wants to be our sponsor and our crew chief. Great thoughts.

Kelly Combs said...

:-) Thanks.

Kari Scare said...

Great analogy! Don't you love it when our kids give us ideas. They are so smart and so often see what we don't see.

Kari Scare said...

I kind of thought the same thing as Kenneth, that God should be both. We certainly can't put him in a box and limit what He is and can be in our lives. He is everything we need.

Angela C Gifford said...

This is great, Kelly. Such a great analogy!