Thursday, March 1, 2012

*American Girl Flip Flops*

I recently made some party favors for my daughter's birthday, and due to the level of interest I received in them, I am showing how to make them on my blog.

You will need crafting foam, full size pony beads (the mini pictured did not work), elastic, ribbon, scissors and a glue gun. 

First trace a pattern on the foam, using an American Girl (or other) doll shoe.  You will need 2 pieces of foam per flip flop.

Score 2 small holes side by side in the toe of the "flip flop" foam. Push the ribbon down through one and up through the other, as I am doing below.

Pull both ends through evenly, and string the pony bead on.  The bead is a critical component. Because the dolls toes are fused together, the bead will enable the flip flop to stay on the doll.

Next score 2 holes, one on either side of the foam about 3/4 of the way down.  String the ribbon through those holes as well, creating what looks like a flip flop strap.

Next thread your elastic (about 2.5" long) through the same 2 holes.

This is the bottom of the piece of foam with the pieces threaded through.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the threaded ribbon and elastic flat to the shoe. Now cover the bottom of the foam with hot glue and add your second piece of foam to cover all the ribbon.

I used a different color to make it interesting. This is the side view of the completed flip flop.

Push the pony bead to the front of the shoe to slip it on the doll. Then gently pull the bead up her foot to allow the shoe to stay on.  Ta-da! You finished project! Enjoy!

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Lilly Stevenson said...

I was looking for flip flops byalegria shoes on sale and I’ve found your website. At first I thought it’s a real flip flops but still it looks fancy.

Eden Parker said...

It really looks fancy tho and good the fact it is hand made is really great.

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Kelly Jones said...

This is such a cute idea. My daughter wants to have an American Girl themed birthday party this summer. I was thinking of purchasing girls flip flops and then having the girls decorate them. This would make such a fun DIY project for the girls this way their dolls can have a party favor as well.