Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Mother's Hands

When I look at my hands now, I see my mother's hands - the color, the texture, the feel - and it is an unsettling feeling. My mother's hands never harmed me. They loved me, they patted me, held my hands. Yet, those hands did hold pain.

They were the hands that drank the alcohol, and smoked cigarettes by the carton. The hands that took the overdose. The hands that slashed her own wrists. She never hurt me with her hands, it was her mouth that cut me to shreds. Yet those hands, her hands, "The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish woman tears hers down.*" She tore her house down with those hands.

And the pain is there, and I look at my hands and they look like hers. She must have been about my age now, as she tore down her house...our house...with her hands. It hurts. The memory hurts, as I look at my hands, but see hers.

But I am not her. I am building my house up with my hands. I am loving my husband and my children with my hands. I am praying to God with my hands. I raise these hands in praise to him. They are my hands, not hers. They may look the same, but oh, they are different. 

I am sitting at breakfast, and my husband takes my hand. "You have beautiful hands," he says. A gift of grace, from God through my husband. I have beautiful hands. 

I am thankful to God for this gift of grace, and for always holding His hands.

Kelly Combs is a Christian wife, mom, writer and speaker. You can learn about Kelly by visiting her website at

Chatty Kelly

*Proverbs 14:1


Sue J said...

The wise woman builds her house upon the rock, knowing that even as it is her hands building, that she is being filled and held in love at His hand daily! Feeling your heart today and sending you love {{and hugs}}....

Vickie said...

May He continually bless the work of your hands as He promised and may you always remember no matter what, your face is imprinted on the palm of His hands.


Kelly Combs said...

Thank you Vicki. Praise God!

Kelly Combs said...

Thanks, Sue! So thankful for HIS hands!

Sharon Sloan said...

Love you Kelly. He rescues us with His mighty right hand. May you always rest in His everlasting arms and peace.

You have beautiful hands....and heart!


Kelly Combs said...

Thank you Sharon. I am so thankful for the hand of God, and the helping-hands of friends too!