Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hosta La Vista!

On the walk up to my front door grow 5 of the biggest, heartiest, most beautiful hostas you have ever seen. Every year anyone who comes to visit comments on them. They were show pieces. And my response to everyone who asked what I did to make them grow that way, was always truthfully, "nothing."

This year, without warning, the voles ate the roots of my beautiful plants. I noticed first they were browning at the tips of the leaves. I thought they needed water, but watering didn't do anything. Then as I touched leaves, I realized they could be pulled up without any roots attached. The voles had eaten the roots.

All of my beautiful plants have been destroyed. "Hosta" La Vista! I took them so much for granted, that I never even took a photo of them.

Sometimes we have other "show pieces" in our lives. Our marriage, our children, even our faith can look beautiful on the outside, but if we are doing "nothing" to maintain them, we can't expect them to stay healthy. Evil is waiting to burrow into the roots of our relationship destroying them.

Spend time with your loved ones telling them they are appreciated. Pray for them. Spend time with God praying and studying His word. Be vigilant looking for the one who comes to steal and destroy. When we appreciate those things dear to us, we worry less that they'll say "Hasta la vista." We can honor our relationships, pray for them, and watch them grow with the power of the Son.

Chatty Kelly

Monday, August 8, 2011

Never Let Them See You Sweat

Put your game face on. Put your best foot forward. Never let them see you sweat. These phrases demonstrate our society's attitude toward showing vulnerability. In fact, showing weakness can be considered a sign of weakness.

Last week I blogged about my self-doubt. I, in fact, let you see me sweat. But something wonderful came from that. So many women told me how they could relate!

Even though our society says not to show weakness, I think that when we share our vulnerabilities in a safe place it allows other women to realize they are not alone or unusual in their thought process. When we show that we are not perfect, it allows those around us to safely be imperfect as well.

It's funny that the deodorant Secret, used the catch phrase "Never let them see you sweat." Because when we hide our weaknesses, not letting the world see us sweat, we are in fact keeping a secret.

2 Corin 11:30 states, "If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness." Sharing our weaknesses, not keeping the secret, opens the way for us to experience the superabundant strength of God's grace.

So while it's true that I have weaknesses, flaws, struggles and doubts, I also have a God who loves me anyway and raises me beyond what little I can do and be, to what He wants me to do and be. So do you. Together let's focus on who we are in Christ. For he said, "My power is made perfect in weakness."

When I am weak, then I am strong.*

Chatty Kelly
*2 Corin 12:9,10