Friday, April 8, 2011

With this ring....

“Why don’t you wear your wedding band any more?”

He’d noticed. I wondered how long before my husband would notice, and now he had. I answered truthfully. “It doesn’t fit anymore.” There I’d said it! Fifteen years and two kids had rendered my finger bigger than my wedding band. I didn’t want to admit it, and had just been ignoring the problem, hoping my husband wouldn’t notice it.

“Well, go get it sized.” His answer seemed so simple. I had avoided telling him because I didn’t want him to know I wasn’t that svelte woman he’d married. Yet I’m sure he’d noticed, just as he had noticed I wasn’t wearing my wedding band. He just had the good sense not to mention it. Now that it was out in the open we could resolve the problem.

There was a second problem however. My band had beveled edges. I dreaded having the jeweler cut my band and ruin the wonderful edging I’d loved so much when we selected our bands, and still loved. Remarkably, the jewelry took a look at it and said, “We can just ream it out.” I only needed it to come up a quarter size, and my band was thick enough that they could take some gold from the center, leaving my beveled edges in tact. Two problems, solved immediately once I was willing to deal with them.

What problems are you ignoring, hoping they’ll just go away? Is there something that you are hoping no one will notice, but in your heart you know they will? God already knows what’s troubling you. Talk to Him. Who knows how easy your solution may be, once you are willing to take action.

Chatty Kelly

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Less Conversation, Elvis

A little less conversation,
a lot more action please...

Little Less Conversation, Elvis, 1968

As Christians we can sometimes get stuck in church. You know what I mean, we are going to church on Sunday, attending a Bible study, going to Wednesday night dinners, and yes, even peppering our daily conversation with appropriate Bible verses.

Do you ever feel like God is saying, "A little less conversation, a lot more action please"? The Bible puts it this way, "But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." (James 1:22).

It's true that to be doers of the Word, we have to hear it first. But it's when we only hear, and not do, we are fooling ourselves. We need to have a little less conversation, a lot more action.

So Come on, come on, come on, come on! Let's get busy living a life of doing what God asks. Once you're doing the good works that God planned in advance for you to do, you'll find nothing else can satisfy you. When I'm living the life God calls me to live, nothing else can...Satisfy me, Baby!

Chatty Kelly