Monday, August 22, 2011


Vacation, had to get away.
Vacation, Go-Gos, 1982

It's about time for my family to head out of town on vacation. I can't wait! We've got our bags packed, the house sitter is scheduled to take care of the dogs, and all is well. Sometimes it's hard to get away. Life is busy, and there is always something we could be doing, other than vacationing.

However, God himself implemented the very important task of resting. Resting doesn't seem like a task. It seems more of an anti-task. Yet, the Bible tells us on the 7th day, God rested. If the all-powerful creator of the Universe made it a point to rest, shouldn't we?

The Bible goes on to tell us that Jesus will provide us his rest, which is peace. If your soul is troubled, your faith in Jesus will give you the peace that passes human understanding.

I'm so thankful for my faith in God! He provides me peace. And I am so thankful for his example to take a physical rest too.

VACATION - here we come!

Chatty Kelly

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