Monday, April 25, 2011

How Sweet It Is, James Taylor

A few Sunday's ago, my church had it's own "Musical Monday" type of experience. That is, they took a popular, secular song, and brought it to a spiritual meaning. That song was How Sweet It Is, by James Taylor (1975).

They changed simply one word in the song. The word Baby, was replaced with the name Jesus. That is all. And the song had an entirely different meaning.

When we need the shelter of someone's arms, there He is.
When you need someone to understand your ups and downs, there He is.
With sweet love and devotion, deeply touching our emotion.
Why not STOP, and thank Him, (JESUS!) Stop, and thank you Jesus!

Today, on this Easter Monday, I invite you to listen to the words of this song, and sing along if you'd like, dedicating the words to Jesus. Because how sweet it is, to be loved by him.

He is risen indeed!

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Chatty Kelly


Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Sweetest LOVE indeed!!! :)

James Taylor has some great songs...."Shower the people you love with them the way you feel..." one of my faves!


Irritable Mother said...

Kathy Troccoli released a CD which was full of songs she'd done that same thing to. Changing the words just enough so Jesus is the focus.
Love it!

KelliGirl said...

Love it Kelly! I won't listen to the song the same again. James Taylor brings back good memories.

Talk about a trip down musical memory lane...I just dug out my husband's old albums and delighted at some old favorites. I surprised him with a record player and we've been revisiting some great old music. It's been musical Monday...and Tuesday...and Wednesday...

Have a great day!