Friday, February 4, 2011


Brrr, it's cold! Even in FL, the sunshine state, they've been experiencing colder than normal temperatures. I recently heard on the news that the strawberry crops were in danger of freezing. You see, strawberries can evidently handle the cold to about 28 degrees. A slight dip below freezing just makes them sweeter. But once it goes below 28, the crops are ruined.

When the farmers hear a deep freeze is coming, they do something that I found amazing. They turn on the sprinklers! As the water covers the berries, it freezes, creating a personal freezer around each berry - keeping it chilled at exactly 32 safe and sweet degrees. The ice actually saves the berries from colder temperatures.

Do you ever feel like your getting a big freeze? Maybe you think God is giving you a "cold shoulder" letting you go through some times that are hard as ice. I can't say for certain, but I do love the idea that by giving us a small does of a cold, hard time that God is protecting us from further ruin, like the ice protects the strawberry.

I don't know, but just thinking about it warms my frozen heart.

Chatty Kelly


My ADHD Me said...

"Warms my frozen heart" I like that.

Melanie said... happens every time this year.
Enjoy your trip!
Too bad it's been so overcast.

Melanie said...

Wait a are not in FL are you?! Are you?

lioneagle said...

Hi Kelly -

Thank you for this weighty message.

You educated me about the strawberry rescue and ministered to me about the spiritual implications.

I enjoyed this berry lesson, Kelly.

Sue J. said...

Berry good! (Kind of reminds me of a certain Foreigner song, too.)

Frozen is just a state of progress. In time, He will renew us. Then, we can BE good fruit, not just bear good fruit!