Monday, January 10, 2011

Radar Love

When she gets lonely and the longing gets too much
She sends a cable coming in from above
We don't need no phone at all
We've got a thing that's called radar love
We've got a wave in the air, radar love

Radar Love, Golden Earring, 1973

When I get lonely, I often head to the telephone. Maybe I'll call or text a friend. Perhaps I'll log into facebook to see what everyone else is up to. Maybe I'll click on the TV. Maybe I'll eat something.

Often when I'm lonely, I suspect my soul is longing for some time with God. To sit and commune with God through Bible reading and prayer restores my soul. God is always available 24 hours a day! Even when my friends are not. And I don't have to have a phone. We don't need no phone at all. We've got a thing that's called radar love. We've got a wave in the air, radar love. Well, maybe it's not radar, but whatever the wave in the air may be, I always have a direct connection to God.

So remember, when you get lonely, send your cable to above, to God, who's always there listening to you, with "radar love! "

Chatty Kelly


nita said...

Thanks for this post and this reminder, God Bless - Nita

KelliGirl said...

Hi Kelly,
Your post reminds me of Psalm 139. Thank God that He is with us any time of day, no matter where we go.

You know you got that song stuck in my head now! :-)

Happy New Year to you! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.


Sue J. said...

Maybe it's not a wave IN the air so much as it's a wave FROM the air. Hey....I AM! I AM here!....

There are times when we need to reach out to our friends, for sure. But, the Spirit gives us that special longing inside that can only be filled by God Himself.

This was one of those 80s songs that never stuck on my radar. I can tell you Golden Earring sings it, but I can't sing it or quote it.