Friday, January 14, 2011

Radar Love, Misheard Lyric version

On Monday I posted about the song Radar Love. That was a favorite of mine back in the day, although I must admit that now I couldn't sit through the whole song. Good grief those instrumentals are long! Anyway!

I was listening to a contemporary Christian song not too long ago and singing along. The second verse says, "Radar love is not a man." (or so I thought). Well, hmmm. Must be some kind of reference to that song Radar Love, right? And you can't get Radar Love from a man, only from God. Radar love is from God. Yup, that must be it, right?

Okay, so sometime later I realize the lyric ACTUALLY says, "GREATER love has not a man." OH! DUH! Anyway, the song is I've Always Loved You by Third Day and it is one of my favorite contemporary Christian songs. When I hear it I imagine God singing it to me and it refreshes my soul.

So radar love or not, God is always there, always available and always loving you! So, what is the funniest misheard lyric you've ever sung?

Chatty Kelly
My misheard lyric can be heard at 1:20 in the video below. Come on, don't you hear Radar Love???


2Thinks said...

Love has been a big theme for me this past year- not sure exactly why, but feel God defintely laid it on my heart to ponder his great love for me, as well as the deep need of every person to know for sure that somebody loves him/her right where he/she is.

Thanks for the song, am listening to it over lunch.

Sue J. said...

I still don't know all the lyrics to "Margaritaville." I used to sing, until very, very recently, "All of those tourists covered with awe." Now, why tourists are covered with awe is beyond me--must be a beautiful place! LOL!! His diction just wasn't the best, although maybe he was singing with that frozen concoction that helped him hang on....

Jenny said...

LOL. I do that to so many songs. Great song and video.

Anonymous said...

Remember the song "Kyrie eleison down the road that I must travel" by Mr. Mister? I always thought it was: "Carry a laser down the road that I must travel... Carry a laser through the highway of the night...." LOL!I'm not sure what language the original words are, but the translation was hilarious. Thank you Kelly for your blog!

Carmen said...

"Sloooow talking Walter, the fire engine gu-uy" (Smoke on the Water) My eldest son still sings it like this as a joke! Haven't commented in a while. Hope you're doing well!!