Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Doing it

Nike, the famous athletic apparel company, coined the phrase “Just do it.” But life isn't that easy. Paul, the apostle, was more on target when he said, “I do not do the good thing I want to do, but I do the wrong thing that I do not want to do.”(Romans 7:19) We fail to do what we know we should.

Just as Nike would have you believe you can’t “Just do it” without their shoes, the Bible truthfully states that we can’t do it without Jesus.

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Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

I wanna be a "doer" not just a "hearer"! Only by His Spirit's strength can we be "doing it"! Amen!

Snowy hugs,

Diane said...

I wouldn't want to do it without Him. Good reminder. :O)

Bonita said...

And that's the part missing from so many of the "just do it" campaigns in our lives. We can't just do anything without Jesus!