Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blow Gently

I was blowing bubbles with my daughters the other night. As we took turns, I noticed that when I blew lots of bubbles would come out of the wand. Yet on their turns it seems only a few bubbles would come out, but lots of bubble juice would fly. Each time I heard their "Pffffft" as they blew with all their might to create bubbles. Then I let them in on a little secret. You get more bubbles if you blow gently, than if you blow hard.

It reminded me of a Biblical principal. To find out which one, meet me over at Titus 2 in Action, where I am a Featured Contributor every other Wednesday.

Titus 2 in Action

Chatty Kelly

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Ronel Sidney said...

I just love your play on words and how you describe blowing bubble compared to sharing the gospel. I can remember before I was "HIS" there was a guy friend who was so forceful and blew so hard that it made me run in the opposite direction. He is a friend of facebook and just laughs at how far God has taken me because of the gentle blow of His word!! (Hope that makes sense, lol)

Have a great day!!!