Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 Things

There are two schools of thought on Memes, (prounounced like dreams, with an M). One is that they are a waste of time and distracting to your readers and your brand. The other is that it gives your readers a glimpse of the real you and they are relationship building. Regardless of which you believe, my beautiful friend Bella Mella tagged me in a meme, so I am playing along. I hope you will enjoy getting to see a glimpse of me this way.

1. Not counting attending church, what is your favorite activity that you consistently do on Sundays?

The only activity I consisently do on Sundays (besides church) is writing my Monday blog. And I do enjoy it. But spending time with my family without having an "agenda" of things we have to do is my favorite thing.

2. At what age or season in your life do you feel you looked your best?

My sweet husband says I look better every year. And while I physically looked my best in my late 20's, I would say that I am a better package today. I have the confidence I lacked then, and I still am not too hard on the eyes. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, but then almost every woman would.

3. Would you rather win a personal makeover/shopping spree with an image consultant, a one room makeover/shopping spree with an interior designer, or a personal chef who would cater a fabulous meal for a party at your home?

I definintely would like the personal make over and shopping spree. While my home could use a spruce up (and I am challenged in decorating), and I would love to have a fancy catered meal with my friends, no way could I resist teh shopping spree. Really.

4. If a movie were made of your life, which actors would portray you and your husband?

Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) is who I've been told looks like me. But if I get to pick, I'd have to say Anne Hathoway. My husband? I've been told he looks like Jon Voight. But I think I would have him played by Simon Baker.

5. If you had the power to choose one of these, which would it be?
I would be taller * I would never go gray * I would always look younger than my age.

Who cares about height? I'd have to say always looking younger than my age.

6. Which of these positive first impressions would you prefer to make?
funny * friendly * confident

It's my hope that all three of these impressions always come through with me. But if I had to choose only one, I think it would be confident.

7. Pie or Cake?

Who's cooking? Pie...chocolate fudge pie.

Chatty Kelly


Sharon Sloan - Joy In The Truth said...

Definitely gives a lovely glimpse of who you are! And thank you for the proper way to say "memes". I was saying it wrong!

Yes - I think Wonder Woman and John Voight sum you both up!!! :)


Mocha with Linda said...

I loved reading this! Fun questions and answers.

2Thinks said...

No, you are definately not too hard on the eyes- you pretty girl! I wish I could find one day/time where I could consistantly sit and write- on my blog. That would be fun.

Melanie said...

thanks for playing...i knew it would have to be wonder woman and john voight!
And I can make the fudge pie...or something like it.

BARBIE said...

I don't mind a good meme! I would definately pick the shopping spree and makeover, and I would hope to be taller! Loved getting to know more about you.

KelliGirl said...

First of all, thank you for the pronunciation clarification! I've always stumbled over "meme." (And where in the world did that word come from?)

Second, thanks for the glimpse into you. It was a lot of fun reading your answers. BTW...the shopping answer didn't surprise me. ;-)