Friday, July 2, 2010

What WOULD Jesus do?

My brother-in-law recently updated his facebook status with this:

Tip: Those cute little "WWJD" and vanity Jesus plates are canceled out by your aggressive driving. WWJD? Not drive like a {expletive deleted} I bet!

I commented back:
Jesus didn't drive. He walked every where. Even on water. ☺

He retorted:
oh my bad. I thought the 2nd 'W' in WWJD stood for 'would', not 'did'. So in that case... What (W)did Jesus Do? Probably not walk like a {deleted}.

My brother in law is an atheist. As Jesus put it, "In this world, you will have trouble." And my brother-in-law has experienced troubles. And he blames God. I wish I had the words to show him how much God loves him. How, yes, he would still have trouble even if he accepted God, but would also have the peace and hope that comes from a Savior.

What WOULD Jesus do? You know, I don't know. Jesus had a knack for always doing what was least expected. He worked on the Sabbath, healing. He sat alone with a woman, and a Samaritan woman at that. He was a king born in a stable.

What WOULD Jesus do? I don't know. There are a lot of things I wish Jesus would do, that He hasn't done. But that doesn't change who He is. "What would Jesus do" is a funny little phrase that we use to determine how we should act as Christians. We don't know what Jesus would do, and even though we think we know what he should do, we often get that wrong too.

What Would Jesus do? I only know what he did do. He did say, "In this world you will have trouble," but he continued, "But take heart! I have overcome the world." He died on a cross, taking on my sins, and yours, so that we may have eternal life. He doesn't end the trouble of this world. Christians don't lead a charmed life. But we have hope of overcoming the troubles of this world. We have hope of eternal life. We have hope.

What Did Jesus do? Enough.

Chatty Kelly


Andrea said...

You know, what I love most about Jesus is that HE does the unexpected! He does NOT fit into any mold we can conjure up. Knowing this truth about HIM makes me love HIM that much more! Also, makes me a little crazy sometimes, but mostly HE makes me smile...especially when Christians try to put HIM neatly in a box! HE simply will NOT fit. HE is to big and too awesome for that! HE also has a wonderfully beautiful sense of humor!

Mocha with Linda said...

Great thoughts on WWJD.

Cindy Currier said...

I think you've landed upon a profound truth here, Kelly. What Jesus did was remain true to who he was and to his calling. That's what made him unpredictable.

KrippledWarrior said...

I very much enjoyed your summation. He certainly did do enough. It IS FINISHED.

Lois Lane II said...

Isn't it crazy the reasons people give as to why they don't believe in God? For your BIL, it's because of personal problems. With some friends of mine, it's because they DON'T have problems -- they're wealthy, healthy, and happy, and I really think because they don't need anything physically, they ignore the spiritual needs. =( Praying for your BIL.

Susan said...

Excellent post!! Thanks for sharing.

This week we had two cops killed in a neighboring town. Then I noticed a facebook response on a message board where someone asked God to bless the families of the slain officers. The responder said, "Why ask God? He could have stopped this, but he didn't." I was SO saddened by it.

This, along with your BIL's perspective, are important for us to be aware of when we consider our place in the world.



Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Great post! You're right, we really don't know what Jesus would do. Really, we only have a record of what He did do, and that was to never heal the same way twice...

I do know this, Jesus would always love - but in a different way each time. Unpredictable, yes. Steady in the underlying motive of love, always.

love you!

Tracy Thomas said...

Love this post!

Runner Mom said...

Wonderful post, Kelly! I'll be praying for your family, my friend. I agree that Jesus did the ultimate in giving His life for us.

Thanks for the Bella Mella tip--she is a precious bloggyland friend! So excited about her new website on running!! Thanks for thinking of me!! Hope y'all had a great 4th! Hugs!! Susan