Friday, March 5, 2010

Celebrity Doppelganger

What celebrity do you look like? That's the latest game on Facebook. At first I posted a picture of Victoria Principal. Then my friend Sue J reminded me that of course it is Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman. How could I have forgotten? That's an old joke between us. I was Wonder Woman doing it all.

As a matter of fact, the really old timers over here know my blog used to be called "Wonder Woman Wonders" before it was Chatty Kelly. My tag line was "I'm not Wonder Woman. I used to think I was, running here and there doing everything MYSELF (as my four year old often quips to me "I can do it MYSELF!"). Now I wonder how I did it, and praise God that he is who made me WONDERfully. I've traded in my golden tiara for a Crown of Life, and though I don't have a lasso of truth, I know the Way and the Truth and the Life, Jesus Christ."

Well, that four year old turned six this week. And I've learned a thing or two in two years time. While it's nice to be told you look like Linda Carter, the person I most want to look like is Jesus. I want folks to see past me and my flaws and see His light shining through me.
What celebrity do you think you look like? And what changes can you make in your life so that you look more like Jesus everyday?

Chatty Kelly


CJ said...


My ADHD Me said...

Hold on there! Many (many, many) years ago, people used to stop me and tell me I looked like Lynda Carter, (back in the days when the show was popular). one has said it in a very long time.

The resemblance in those pics is uncanny.

I think you resemble MyADHDMe.

Edie said...

Wow you do look a lot like Lynda Carter.

I've been mistaken for Heather Locklear once and told I looked like her two other times. I would much rather people see Jesus in me.

Have a great weekend!

Blasé said...

Honey, Wonder Woman ain't got nothin' on YOU! Just sayin

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't see a resemblance at all (your friends and sister are just being nice). Which is what Blase' is saying, only in a 'round-about way because he just sucks up to his followers for more comments on his own blog. The doppleganger game looks for same spacing between the eyes, similar pose and hair style. Not facial details at all. It actually pulls a selection of faces, male and female for the "player" to choose from. Funny though that YOU would PICK Lynda Carter even though you can plainly see there is nothing in common between the two of you except the wave in your hair on the right side of your head and your similar pose. Just being honest.