Friday, February 5, 2010

More Time Off

After being out of school all week, the kids finally went in late on Thursday. Today is supposed to bring more snow to Virginia. THe forecasters said if we had the same cold weather we did for the last storm, we'd get 35" of snow! With the warmer weather, we're only expected to get about 6" and 2-3" of rain/sleet. So we'll see. At least my kids now have ski pants, which I ordered via 2nd day air.

And more questionable weather called for next Tuesday as well! But devotionals will be back Monday. I've drafted one and have another one swirling in my brain. Hope you're having a great week!
Check out my girls having fun in their ski pants in the videos below.
Chatty Kelly


Sharon Sloan said...

Enjoy your snowy time with the girls! Love the pix! We are looking forward to a snowy day tomorrow 8-14 inches. Hoping for the 14!

Love you! Happy Weekend!

Sue J. said...

I keep double-taking on Gigi's snow pants because they look like PJ's! Obviously, the are making her outside time very enjoyable. Not so sure whatever wintry mix we're getting today is going to be as fun. Speaking of which....where is it?

Carmen said...

Wow, you ladies are sure having a lot of winter weather there. Is that normal? We normally have a fair amount of snow, but this year, it's been like spring. I think we had 2 mild snowfalls that didn't stay on the's been weird. Love those pink ski pants, btw.

KrippledWarrior said...

Snow pants in Virginia? Where is that global warming I've heard so much about? Continue to enjoy your time together.

Edie said...

I thought the same thing as Sue J about Gigi's snow pants at first. LOL!

What a great God-given vacation with your family! Love the videos and pictures. Annie looks quite happy too. :)

Have fun playing in the snow!

Jenny said...

I'm cold just looking at your post. I am glad ya'll are having fun :) Stay warm.

Tammy said...

Boy,you do have a lot of snow. Are you sure you don't live in Upstate New York? :)

love and hugs~Tammy

Sit A Spell said...

Saw you at Leas Pottin Shed and wanted to say HI. Your pics make me miss the snow. We JUST moved to Florida from Michigan in Nov. I wore flips flops today! This weekends a bit chilly...60's ; )

You'll be thankful for those snow pants! Stay warm.

B His Girl said...

The snow pants look totally worth it. I am feeling a little left out down here in FL seeing all the posts with snow. I love to see the white blanket it creates and the crunchy sound it makes when you walk on it. Enjoy! b

Susan said...

Love the snow pants! I keep saying I don't know if I could deal with it! I realize more and more how I love my sunshine each and every day.


My ADHD Me said...

Ha! They are having SO MUCH FUN!!

Of course I would say we got a bit more snow than forecasted.

I love the endings of both videos.
GG is quite the daredevil! And CC did a freeze-frame finish as if she has been modeling for years!