Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day in Virginia

The snow is coming down here in Virginia. We currently have 10" on the ground! I'll post pictures next week.

I've updated my examiner page with snow day recipes including hot chocolate and snow cream, and will update tomorrow with fun things to do on a snowy day, so come by and check it out. Leave me a comment there if you have time!

Click the examiner link in the previous paragraph to go to the recipe article, or the "Tips for Moms" button below to go to my main examiner page and see all the articles. Thanks for visiting!

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KrippledWarrior said...

Ok KC. I went there. But only because you asked so nicely.

Andrea said...

Loving the snow. Just posted some pics of the dogs on facebook.

Sue J. said...

We'll try to stay out longer tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!

Kay Martin said...

They promise snow in SC but VA must attract it all before it can get here.

Throw a snow ball for me

God's girl said...

We have the cold, but the snow is slowly disappearing! woo hoo! Enjoy making snow angels and snow men, and everything else that snow brings:) Heaven

Lea said...

ahaaa I found the snowcream!!!

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