Friday, January 8, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football?

College Bowl Season is about done, and now we enter the play-0ffs for NFL season, finishing with the Super Bowl. One thing you have to say about football fans, they are passionate! The amount of NFL merchandise purchased each season is huge. Football fans aren't afraid to wear their team colors!

Even when faced by rivals, a football fan doesn't stop backing his team. Locally, the Redskins and the Cowboys are the big rival teams. And no matter which you root for, you support, even when them seem to lose time and time again. Football fans are loyal. Even when the ref says the instant replay shows that our player was out of bounds, oh no, we'll argue to the death that he was in.

Isn't it funny that we are able to get so "gung ho" about something that really is inconsequential in the big picture? I mean, the 2010 Super Bowl winner is a big deal I guess, but come 2011 it might be a whole different team in there.

Why can sports fans support their team fanatically with out issue, but if you show your support of Jesus that way, you become known as intolerant, or a religious freak. Why do so many fans have no problem painting their face for their team, but won't risk "losing face" at the office by mentioning God. Why do some fans spend big money on team apparel, but scoff at tithing or donating at church?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could be as passionate about Jesus as we are about football? I'd love to put on my Jesus Jersey (He's #1!) and scream and shout for Jesus with the rest of His fans, wouldn't you?

Are You Ready for Some Jesus? I am!

Chatty Kelly


Mary Moss said...

I'm ready! Great post!

My ADHD Me said...

wow. I knew where this was going as soon as I started reading it...but it was wonderful and SO true.

Can you imagine going into a restaurant or bar and yelling JESUS!! OO! OO! OO!!! All the while jumping up and down and pointing to the sky....#1!!

Imagine the other patrons when you ask the manager to change the tv to a channel with a church service on it.

Great Post! (really)

Especially when you think about what you said about next year. This years game will be old news...but Jesus is never old news.

destrella said...

It is crazy the way fans act but we are considered the freaks for speaking His name! that's power! :O)

Ronel Sidney said...

It is so interesting that you write this not too long ago our pastor (a former NFL football player for the Chargers) was speaking on this particular topic and challenged us to be just as fanatical about our God as we are with our teams..... I love Charger football but I love God more... I am pretty certain after all the controversy I caused by wearing my "Yes on 8" (pro traditional marraige) shirt to the gym that I have learned to be just as bold for Him!!

Thanks for the reminder, did I mention my husbands friends have called after seeing my fb page and asked if I had changed (become a Jesus freak) his response is no she is just not afraid to be judged anymore *sigh*

Heart2Heart said...


SInce I am not a football fan nor is hubby, we don't have this challenge. Our challenge this year is to be more of an advocate for Jesus and see Him as our true Father and spend more time being with Him.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Carmen said...

Up here it's hockey...and it's the same thing. I'd rather put my passion into the Word!!

Beverlydru said...

I love the part about painted faces vs. losing face. Very clear analogy.

This week I had the opportunity to worship with a group of young people that were so excited to praise Him that the scripture that described David as clamorously foolish for God came to mind. It was wonderful!!!

2Thinks said...

I remember my sister using this analogy. She said, "why can't we just cheer for Jesus like we cheer at a sports event!" We grew up in a pretty stoic church. Now. She is the pastor's wife at a church that does some real cheering for Jesus, I'll tell you, some real big cheering for Jesus!

Lea said...

I CANT STAND football.


Pat said...

I love this post. I am not a football person but have a husband, 2 sons AND a daughter who love

My favorite life moments happen when I am in places where people jump and shout and wave their hands in the air for Jesus like they do for football teams.

Wouldn't it be cool if the whole world got as excited about getting a Word from God as they do about Super Bowl??!! WhooHooo!!

Happy New Year!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

I'm hearing a Toby Mac song, "jesus freak!" in my head.

You are so right, I would like to believe I'm an avid fan of Jesus, but I'll admit cowering on a few occasions.

Thankfully, new occasions keep arising and God is teaching me how to be a bold Christian.

Go Jesus!

Edie said...

Now THAT is one jersey I would wear! We Christians are the ones who need to humble ourselves and turn, THEN God will heal our land.

I love yours and ADHD-Jo's ideas. Maybe I should should have some jerseys made and take a trip to VA and we could all head over to a sports bar. :D

The Patterson 5 said...

I can so see you in that jersey cheering! You are a great fan for Jesus! :)