Friday, October 2, 2009


How many television channels do you have? If you are anything like me, you have hundreds. I believe we have about 400 channels. We have digital cable. But at any given time, when looking through the directory I see that "nothing" is on.

My clothes closet....let's just say I could stand to purge it. I am evidently addicted to buying black jackets and shoes, as I have way to many of both. I have slacks, capris, jeans, various shirts. But at any given time, when looking through my closet I see that I have "nothing" to wear.

My pantry is stocked, as is my refrigerator. We have a second refrigerator in the garage to hold the extra food in the freezer, plus water bottles, extra milk, and bulk food for my co-op cooking. Yet, at any give time, when looking for a snack I see we have "nothing" to eat.

Rooms in my house need cleaning out and purging. My desk is covered with papers that need to be filed. I have things to write for publication, laundry to wash, dinners to make, cards to write. But at any given time, I feel bored, because I have "nothing" to do.

Too many choices don't lead to more or better options. It often leads to nothing. Jesus said he is THE way, THE truth and THE life. He said no one comes to the Father EXCEPT through him. He is the only way.

Many people are searching for lots of other options. They try to get to heaven through being good. They think Budda or Allah are other options. There are new age choices, and ideas tauted on talk shows. A 2008 poll showed out of 35,000 Americans, 70% agreed with the statement "Many religions can lead to eternal life." Even more remarkable was the fact that 57% of Evangelical Christians were willing to accept that theirs might not be the only path to salvation.

There are lots of other options besides Jesus out there at any given time. However, I think you'll find that if you believe they will get you to heaven, what you'll really end up with is "nothing."*

Chatty Kelly

* or eternity spent with out God, also know as hell.

Ecclesiastes 1:8 -- Everything is wearisome beyond description. No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content. (NLT)

(thanks for the prayers yesterday, my follow-up drs appointment went well. Yay!)


Sue J. said...

Great way to illustrate the reality of life, and to follow up with Solomon's verse was appropriate, too. "I've searched and came up empty. This world has nothing for me. You are my One and only...."

Nice one!

Bonita said...

What a relevant post! Last evening my husband and I were flipping through our enormous number of television channels and found "nothing" worth watching. Just this week I made a decision to purge my living room. You can read about it on my personal blog, but basically I'm getting rid of everything except one table. That means a bare living room for a while. I thought that would upset me, instead it frees me. Getting down to what really matters- Jesus- frees us from the burden of all these choices that come up "nothing".

Blasé said...

We rarely turn on the TV.

As far as "options" go...

YOUR Religious Blog is 'Spot On', and my 'only option'!

Greg C said...

Amen Kelly. I try not to just come out and say "you're wrong!" when I hear people say that there is an alternate way into heaven just because I don't like to start fights. However I do open the door by suggesting that maybe they should do a little more reading on the subject.

I think we are all spoiled these days and getting back to basics and doing with less is the answer.

Diane said...

Good post! I often am thankful for fewer options so I can pick easier. Jesus is my only option in regards to my faith though. :O)

Mocha with Linda said...

Excellent words. This post is definitely not "nothing"!!

Andrea said...

Love you, girl! Hope you are doing well.

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Thena said...

Great post. So many hurting and confused people in the world. It's really sad that they don't know the love of God.

Susan said...

Great post, Kelly! It's so very true and sad at the same time.



My ADHD Me said...

I like what Mocha with Linda wrote. "This post is definitely nothing.".

I'm also with you on the, "I have nothing to do". I have TONS to do. It is the motivation I lack.

Jesus could have done nothing. Praise God he didn't.

Ronel Sidney said...

Did you watch me this week Mrs. Kelly? Great thoughts and so true about life so many option yet they lead to nothing. I am sure glad I know He is the truth!!

Heart2Heart said...


This was a fabulous way to post this idea! You are one talented writer and loved spending my early afternoon with you reading this.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

KrippledWarrior said...

57% of evangelical Christians don't understand, evangelical or Christian.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Jesus alone is our satisfying portion.

Love you, friend. Happy Weekend!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

excellent post Kelly! So so true! I only tend to switch the tv on for some kids tv and never watch it on my own in the evening. You have put it all so so well!
Love Collette xxx

2Thinks said...

No truer words can ever be written than what you have posted here. You got it.


Irritable Mother said...

How funny. Right now my son is moping around the house becasue he has "nothing" to do. Oh, I could come up with plenty of options! But, of course, NOTHING would do. *sigh*

We do not have any service hooked up to our TV, so I can count the number of channels we have - on one hand. Glad to hear we aren't missing out by not having those 400 channels. *grin*

Technonana said...

OH!!! As My Mother-in-Law would say, "YOU GO GIRL!!"
Preach On, My Sista!!!

AnooCre8ion said...

What an insightful post. Great job.


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Everyone (American) can relate to this Kelly. thanks for the reminder that A) We are abundantly blessed B) Only Jesus is the ONE thing

Edie said...

Boy is that the TRUTH! Great analogy Kelly!

Beth in NC said...

Great post Kelly. True on all points! Too many items in my house as well, and a great analogy of the choices in this life.

Jesus IS the only way.


Heather @ Life Abundantly said...

Oh, how I love this post! It is just the thing I've been working on. Simplifying. While the world shouts "more, more, more" we need to keep things simple so we can focus on glorifying God!

Leslie said...

"Too many choices don't lead to more or better options. It often leads to nothing." Boy, isn't this the truth! I feel that I have so much to do that I don't know where to start, therefore, nothing gets done. Even though a lot of what I have "to do" is ultimately for the Lord, I still seem to come up with nothing. I think it's because I spend more time trying to DO things for God rather than just BEing with him.

I think doing just one thing...spending time with us more peace and comfort than any of our millions of other options.

Glad your tests came out fine!

Love and Blessings, Leslie