Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday - 7/9

5 Things I'm thankful for this week:

1. I'm enjoying the summer with my girls! Between the pool, play dates and season passes to a theme park, we are having a great summer STAY-cation.

2. Free books. Reviewing books is becoming a great way to get free books this summer. I'll be reviewing one tomorrow, and received another in the mail this week.

3. A new roof. Roofers are busily replacing our roof, which had started leaking. They are doing a great job and I'm thankful to have it repaired.

4. A cook-out with friends. My girls' best friends are sisters. So we had the parents over for dinner Sunday night. It was a lovely evening, and I'm so glad to have my girls have such wonderful friends.

5. A Movie Date with my sister. We watched Pilgram's Progress together, and she brought me a funny book about Germaphobes. I could have written it. (Why didn't I? Note to self: Think outside the box.)

What are you thankful for this week?

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Chatty Kelly


Greg C said...

Great list Kelly. So you are a germaphobe? I am a hairaphobe. Hair makes me gag for some reason. Oh and a bugaphobe too, haha.

Irritable Mother said...

Re: #3 - If it didn't rain while your roof was being replaced, add that to your thankful list. A few years ago we had our roof replaced and it stormed BIG time the first night...Ended up having to replace part of the ceiling INSIDE the house. Grrr.

Love your Note to self. *grin*

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I cannot tell you how often number 6 happens to me.

God's girl said...

Awesome list of things to be thankful for:) Thanks for sharing. Your "germaphobe" book sounds interesting. Glad your week has been filled with friends, family, and roofs (and germs):)

Yolanda said...

What a great mother you are!

Andrea said...

Today, I am thankful for a new day!!
Blessings, andrea

Runner Mom said...

THese are great! I would love to review books! How fun!

One thing I'm thankful for is that the rain stopped last night before our SR.High boys from church came over for a cookout! They were going to be outside no matter what!!!


christy rose said...

Great List Kelly! My sister is in town this week! I am thankful for time with her too! We took all of our girls out to the tea room yesterday! That was a lot of fun! I posted pics from our fun time together yesterday!
sounds like you are having a fun summer!

Ronel Sidney said...


Leslie said...

Glad you're enjoying your stay-cation!

If germaphobe describes you, then you probably wouldn't enjoy my job! Green noses, bathroom accidents and the occasional vomit! If you ever need to lose weight, try eating lunch with 20 four-year-olds!

Valencia said...

I love that your list is family oriented! Great time with family is sooo much fun!

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Lovely list! Free books sounds great!

Edie said...

Does your germaphobe book mention anything about putting "tough as plastic" cheese in your mouth. *wink* *grin*

Mich said...

I hopped on over from another blog...your blog is cute!

I liked your thankful list.

2Thinks said...

Am reading your Thankful Thursdays on Sunday- I relate to the list. You are a great book reviewer, btw. We got a new roof this summer, too. And I share your phobia of germs. I'd like to read the book.

Here's hoping you'll have a good week coming up-