Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Awards, Prizes & Gifts

I wanted to share with you all some wonderful gifts and gestures I've received from bloggy friends. First is a beautiful book mark from Lea at the Potting Shed. As you can see on the left, it's a gal hula hooping. Why would Lea think I'd like that? LOL! Well, she saw this video of me. The bookmark says "I pray to my God to make me fit, obedient, bold and published. I'll do my level best for the good Lord, my King." The back of the bookmark, on the right is my blog header. Isn't Lea the best?

Next is a prize. My sister (My ADHD Me) entered a contest at Army Brats & Me. Cindy drew ADHD as the winner for these hot pink car window decals (personalized). Well, since ADHD isn't a hot pink kind of gal, and she knows EXACTLY who is, she got my initials and this is how they look on my styling mini-van. I've gotten so many compliments from my girl friends. You guys can visit Cindy if you want to order some for yourself.

The awards I've won are from Leslie at Writing for the Lord and Edie at Rich Gifts. They are the Honest Scrap Award and Kreativ (sic) Blogger Award.

Now I'm supposed to tell you either 7 or 10 things about me, that you don't know. Really, don't you know everything by now? Here are some you may or may not know.

1. I use prescription toothpaste. Ha! I know you didn't know that. (Bet you didn't even know they made it). I have extremely sensitive teeth, and this toothpaste allows me to do things like actually brush my teeth, drink cold drinks and eat sweets. Yay prescription toothpaste!
2. I switched to McDonald's coffee over Starbucks because it's cheaper and the economy is awful.
3. Sometimes I think I'll never get my book published and decide to give up. But then I get back to it. Then I give up. Then get the idea.
4. I am a germaphobe (I know you know that part) BUT I have been known to kiss my dog. GROSS.
5. I'm not as organized as I used to be.
6. If my husband has a meeting, I sometimes "make" cereal for dinner. (The kids love it, I don't mind it, and he's not here!)
7. I sometimes pray for famous people I don't know like Eminem and Jon & Kate.
8. I dream of getting "discovered" by a publisher and getting published WITHOUT ANY OF THE WORK!
9. I can be lazy at times. (See #8 above).
10. I hate coming up with 10 things about me, cause I'm just really not that exciting.
So there.
THANKS again to Lea, Cindy, ADHD, Leslie & Edie!
Chatty Kelly


Lea said...

You silly hulahoopy girl! haaa
Don't you give up on getting that book published. God's timing is perfect and you are a wonderful writer!!!! God uses you BIGTIME in blogland and you can't imagine the things you've written that will be with me forever!!!!
Prescription toothpaste? Does that mean you can bite into ice cream and it doesnt hurt? YEEEHAAAAAA
As for being a germaphobe or however you spelled it... dogs don't have germs, only people do. lololol (Thats what my dog Abe says anyhow) Remember the commercial where Fiddo drinks out of the commode and then runs to greet his master come through the door with a big sloppy kiss? heehee Your dog is short though- right?? so you have nothin to worry about. ;)
Keep hula hooping!
It's good for the soul.
You are a blessing to SO MANY!

Irritable Mother said...

So enjoyed your list, Kelly!
1. Does it taste good, or like medicine???
2. I don't drink coffee at all - that's really cheap!
3. Keep going!
4. Dog germs are cute, so it doesn't matter.
5. Yeah. You have kids, right?!
6. Beautiful!!!
7. I pray for Oprah whenever I hear the word "jealous." Have you seen the video when she talks about being turned off to God when she heard a preacher say He is jealous? Always makes me think of her now, so I pray.
8. Nothing wrong with dreaming. *grin*
9. Nothing wrong with resting, either!
10. Even so, we like you. We really like you!

Have a wonderful day!

Edie said...

Well that was fast! Hey where is everyone today?

Just look at how much you are loved. No not in the comment section, at the gifts and awards. You are very special my friend.

How sweet of Lea! She is always giving.

Love those hot pink initials! They are SO YOU! :) I love the way you and ADHD-Jo look out for each other.

1. I knew you had sensitive teeth, but I didn't know you used Rx toothpaste. Wow!

2. McDonalds coffee tastes better than Starbucks too. :D

10. Yes you are! :)

Edie said...

Ok, when I started writing my comment this place was empty. Two people were able to get there LONG comments in ahead of me. :)

Edie said...

And don't give up! I didn't say it at first cause I know God's not gonna let you.

Have I left enough comments yet?

Blasé said..., that means sometimes you pray for ME?? Cool!

btw, JC Rocks! And, I'm going to be the first one to buy your Book. Oh yes I am!

Julie Gillies said...

I remember that crazy hoola-hoop video! Cute bookmark idea.

And guess what? I pray for famous people, too. Why not? People need the Lord, and sometimes I think that famous people need Him most of all.

Mocha with Linda said...

All well deserved! And I loved your list!

Andrea said...

I, too use prescription toothepaste. I have also been burdened to pray for John & Kate. I also hate germs, but kiss my dog.
WOW...I can't believe we have all these things in common.

Congradulations on all your awards. I love those car decals and the bookmark is awesome.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Leslie said...

Okay, I actually have a serious question about one of your 10 things. It's about your teeth. Hope this isn't too personal. Do you have poor enamel? I'm only asking because my younger son does. I've never heard of prescription toothpaste, and I'm wondering if it's something he needs. ARE exciting and interesting! Who'd have thunk it...prescription toothpaste? You could have a whole blog about it! Well, maybe one post. Or I guess your one line in this post just about covers it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had script toothpaste...very interesting because I have extremely sensitive teeth too...


Lois Lane II said...

Um...I use prescription toothpaste, too..... ;) I HATE CAVITIES!!!

B His Girl said...

Love the bookmarks! How sweet and personal and the hot pink letters...I think they work for your wheels! I have kissed my dog and I pray for famous people I don't know too. Britney, Lindsey, and Paris. We all need prayer. I pray your dream of being published comes true and is bigger than you hoped! B

My ADHD Me said...

I have lots to comment here. Gotta go now to take E to school but I'll be back!!!

Just saying Hi for now!

My ADHD Me said...

Hi. bet you thought I completely forgot to come back. Well, I didn't.....and I didn't even have to write it down.


Isn't Lea talented? She's so thoughtful too.

Wow! That ADHD girl is thoughtful also! Those letters are SO you!

1. I didn't even know that!

2. WOW! The economy is even worse than I realized!

3. Sometimes I drink 3 diet cokes a day...sometimes four....once in a while I only drink 2.....but never more than 5......

4. THAT...I knew.

5. Me either.

6. Frozen pancakes work great also.

7. I think that is one of the nicest things I've heard in a long time. I'm sure THOUSANDS pray, "Oh God, please let me meet him/her." or "Oh God, please let me go to the concert.". But I know you well enough to know that when you are praying for them, you are praying for their soul. That is a very UNselfish and nice thing.!

8. Don't EVER shelf your dreams!

9. NO WAY!! I bet I have you beat!

10. Yes you are, you silly goose.

My ADHD Me said...

I just read Irritable Mother's We like you! We REALLY like you!!


My Army Brats and Me said...

I love it! They look great:) It is a hot thing here in G-Vegas.