Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sue J!

Today is Sue J's Birthday. God firmly placed Sue & I together as friends, even as we were both saying "What the???" Sue is quiet, I am LOUD. Sue is brown, I am hot pink. Sue is humble, I crave the spotlight. Yes, we are both addicted to coffee, and yes, we both have like-aged daughters. But really, God, really? Oh, that's the other thing. We both love Jesus so much.

I hate outside (it's all the dirt & bugs & stuff). Sue loves to garden. My playdates consist of me saying "go play" to the kids. Sue has themed playdates with crafts, snacks and games all following the theme.

I often wonder why Sue would have me as a friend. But, do you know why I have Sue as friend? Sue is everything I wish I was in a friend. She is truly thoughtful. If you mention something in passing, she remembers. She is the queen of the knock & run gift. See, she doesn't want the spotlight, she just wants you to know that you were thought of and loved. So she doesn't stay to get the thanks, she just leaves it on your porch, knocks and runs.

When I look at Sue, I often can see Jesus shining through. She is strong in that meek way. Yup, I know that's confusing. She faces challenges in her life with strength and dignity, but never says "look at me, look how I'm fighting!" and doesn't want a pat on the back.

Girlfriend, you are special. (this is where I should cue "The Wind Beneath My Wings.") Oh, that's the other thing about Sue...just when you have her pegged as serious, she will say something so funny that you nearly fall out of your chair. And it's clever funny. Not stupid funny like my stuff. :-)

So Happy Birthday Sue! You are thought of and loved. If I had your blog password, I'd hijack your blog. But instead, you'll just have to come over to my blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for being my friend!

Chatty Kelly


Edie said...

Yay! I get to be the first one to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue J! I hope you have the best birthday ever!! Love ya!
... and if Kelly had your password, I would be helping her hi-jack your blog. *wink*

God's girl said...

Happy Birthday to Sue J!!! Yeah! Just for all of her anonymous comments giving me permission to leave hundreds of comments on ADHDme's blog, I really should leave her tons on her blog!

She sounds like a great friend!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Sue J:)

Leslie said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! My hubby just left a few minutes ago for No. VA for his yearly fantasy baseball draft. I think he's been doing this for about 18 years with our fellow JMU graduates. I wish I could have gone too, but our kids have school and I have to work through Wednesday. I bet it's really warming up down there!

My ADHD Me said...

Happy Birthday to Sue!!!

And THANK YOU Kelly for introducing us!

Susan said...

Oh how special! I love your words that describe this friendship. I think "opposites attract" holds true with friends too. It's special for sure.

:-) Susan

Sue J. said...

For those who don't stop over my blog, just wanted to say how much Chatty Kelly's words mean to me. She's got our relationship down, that's for sure. This was really special today!

Thanks! And thanks to you all for commenting over here....

Joy in The Truth said...

Happy Birthday, Sue! :)

CK: What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your friend! You are a sweetie!

Liz said...

Happy birthday to your friend. I've got a birthday post going up for my friend on Tuesday, too. I know what you're saying about wondering why the Lord put you together. My BFF is so different from me. I'll never know why she picked me or God picked us. My only answer has been that God thinks "outside the box". LOL! Hope you and your friend enjoy some birthday time.

LisaShaw said...

What a sweet message and Happy Birthday SueJ!

Friendship is something to be treasured deeply.

Bless you sweetie.

Melanie said...

What a sweet tribute to your friend!

KelliGirl said...

What a wonderful birthday tribute to Sue J. It's great to learn more about her from your perspective. You're a great friend!

I think sometimes God uses our "opposite" friends to fill in where we can't.