Friday, March 20, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Today I am joining the Simple Woman's Daybook, which is a fill in the blank meme hosted by Peggy at The Simply Woman.

FOR TODAY - March 20, 2009

Outside my window... Daffodils are blooming - the first day of Spring!

I am thinking... I can't wait for 75 degree days!

I am thankful for... God in my life, my family, friends, health.

From the kitchen... Finished my co-op cooking yesterday, 8 lbs of pork chops, 4 lbs of green peas, 6 lbs of potato casserole. No more cooking until next week! :-)

I am wearing... jeans, long sleeved t-shirt, socks

I am creating... a devotional book. One day I'll submit it to a publisher. :-)

I am going... to Bible study this morning, "40 Days of Love" by Rick Warren.

I am reading... the Bible, I'm up to Numbers now.

I am hoping... to read the entire Bible this year.

I am hearing... the sweet sound of silence.

Around the house... the laundry is caught up, but I have some dishes to do from co-op cooking.

One of my favorite things... coffee, with friends! Had a sweet outing with Sonya last night, we got to meet for coffee and chatting. It was wonderful.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Out to breakfast Saturday morning, a cook-out to attend Saturday night, Church Sunday & swim team practice for my oldest daughter.

Here is picture thought I am sharing.. my kindergarten school picture. Don't I look happy?

Have a great weekend!

Chatty Kelly


Kay Martin said...

I love your photo. I see thqat wonderful quality of focus and concentration on being purposeful that draws me to always want to read what you write here. Isn't it amazing how we can see strengths in children that becomes wonderful when they mature?

Be blessed.

My ADHD Me said...

I saw this meme. I even wrote it on my list of things to possibly post about one day.

i LOVE your picture. haha. I have a copy of that one too. Why did she always put our hair in those awful high pig-tails. At least you aren't wearing the Little House on the Prairie bonnet that we are wearing in that other picture!!

Melanie Dorsey said...

No daffodils outside my window but there are some hot pink azaleas in full bloom!
Pretty sweet pigtails!

Joy in The Truth said...

Cutest picture ever!

Love the peacefulness and beauty of simple pleasures! :)

Enjoy the first day of Spring, CK!

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

a kitchen co-op? like you cook a bunch of one meal and then come together and swap?


What a great idea!

Greg C said...

Great post Kelly. I am reading from 1 Peter today. I am way ahead of you but then I started in 2008. Looks like I am going to make it soon. Keep reading.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Great post.. I am still reading the bible and hoping to finish it this year as well... I am reading judges right now.

Irritable Mother said...

So you're in Numbers. How's it going?
Are you reading chronologically, or straight thru?
I loved my read thru the Bible in a year program. I'm going to start it again after Easter.

T. Anne said...

Your pic is adorable! Your to do list is inspiring!

Lois Lane II said...

One of your favorite!

Edie said...

I love your photo! And (adhd-jo), my grandaughters ASK me to put their hair in those high pigtails. LOL. Actually I do try to talk them into a different style. :)

The co-op sounded great til I saw how much cooking was involved. Blech! (not to the food but to the amount of cooking) lol.

We have been in the 80s this week but supposed to get rain again next week. Waaaah!

I would love to have coffee with you! :)

Technonana said...

Love the Ponytails!!!
I don't have any daffodils blooming either, but there is a yellow cloud settling over everything down here!!
Just call me Sneezy!!
Your new Sister!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OH how cute! I can totally see the grown up you in it.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love the photo. I am so new at blogging that I do not have the linking up down yet...soon I hope

I really love your blog.


Marla said...

Your photo is cute. Lots of thick hair that you have. I like this meme, I have read others meme's like this one.

disa said...