Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today is Tuesday - 2/3

My sister does a weekly meme, "Today is Tuesday." We'll it's not actually a meme, because she doesn't know how to do a Mr Linky. But every Tuesday she has a "special guest" from the past. So today I'm joining in her fun to bring you a link to a special movie from the past, "Song of the South." I LOVED this movie, and it's snappy song, "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da!" It was a favorite of mine, along with the funny tales of Brer Rabbit.

James Baskett, who played the part of Uncle Remus was given an Honorary Academy Award for the part, making him the first male performer of African descent to receive an Oscar.

I always thought Uncle Remus was SO old! I was surprised to read that he died shortly after receiving his Oscar at the age of 44. Yes, only 44 years old!

Enjoy the video clip, and don't be surprised if you start tapping your feet.

Chatty Kelly


Tammy said...

I remember the "good old days" even thought I would be saying that.

Love the video!

The Patterson 5 said...

I love this song! My Daddy used to sing it loudly on the way to school in his not so pretty truck. Embarrasing then, Lovely momories now!

Greg C said...

I remember that movie too. I thought it was cute. I am heading over to your sister's blog after I leave here. :)

Beverlydru said...

My favorite part of the video are the bluebirds. Of course I know this song, love this song, sing this song.

Dorothy Champagne said...

I always like when they put in real live actors with animation. I couldn't believe he was only 44? aaaahhh

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved this then and now.

But 44? Wow.

I'm amazed at how young "old people" were!

Irritable Mother said...

You were right. How'd you know???
My toes did start tapping!
But you didn't warn me that I might start singing, too. *grin*
Actually, Matthew and I sometimes sing that song on the way to school. Now I can't wait until he gets home today - I'm going to bring him to your blog and play the "real song" for him.

BTW, a whole post on the brain surgery? Ya think?

My ADHD Me said...

This is one of my favorite old movies.
But NO WAY was he 44.....I'M 44!!

Slowly Dying 2 Self said...

You're not gonna believe it but I never saw this movie. I know the words to the song but never saw the movie. I wonder why(?).

Edie said...

This one was my comment too! Oops!

(Slowly Dying 2 Self said)... No, no, no. Edie said...
You're not gonna believe it but I never saw this movie. I know the words to the song but never saw the movie. I wonder why(?).

Kay Martin said...

This is terrific!!. My memory of the movie is our daughter, now 40; as a 2 year old crying so loudly when the little boy was hurt that we had to take her out of the theater and bring her back when all was well. She was wailing!!!

I needed this today...thank you.