Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday - 2/5

Welcome to this week's Thankful Thursday - Five things I'm thankful for this week:

1. Scripture - God's word is alive and you can always find a verse that speaks to your life circumstance. Thank you Lord!

2. Praying friends - when you ask some to pray for you, it is a blessing when they do. But to receive an unexpected email that someone is praying for you is an extra special blessing. Thank you Julie for praying for me this week!

3. Chocolate - what can I say, I've had a stressful week and I've overindulged. But it was yummy.

4. Encouraging Comments - I receive the NICEST comments from you guys, and you don't know how much they bless my soul. THANK YOU!

5. A Warm Day - I hate the cold, and we've had a lot of it lately, but Monday was 62 degrees and was wonderful. (Of course, being Virginia it then snowed on Tuesday. I am not kidding). It's supposed to be cold all week (and yes, I think the 30's is cold, if you're from the mid-west I realize I am a sissy to you.) so I am very thankful for that warm day.

I encourage you to think of 5 things you're thankful for, even if you aren't going to blog about it. It really does feel good to be thankful!

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Chatty Kelly


Dorothy Champagne said...

I'm thankful for those moments, in the quiet time of prayer, that I actually know God is speaking to me. I wish it weren't so few and far between.

Alyce said...

Kelly...I am so with you on the weather. WE are further south than you, so we didn't get the snow..although it was called for...HA! I can't stand to be cold..and this weekend it will be in the 60s..I can't wait!!
I'm thankful for the coffee I'm about to make..haha..yea, I know, I'm not too deep this morning.

Mary Moss said...

Kelly, hang on . . . it's supposed to get warm this weekend:-)

Sorry you had a rough week, but I'm glad you had scripture, friends who pray and especially chocolate to get you through!

Greg C said...

I have to agree on all counts Kelly. It was in the 20's here this morning and I am about fed up with this cold weather. Then again it takes care of the mosquetoes.

Yolanda said...

We hit 70 here yesterday and I was so thankful!

Blessings to you and what a delightful list of thanksgivings!

Julie Gillies said...

Kelly you are a blessing. I appreciate that you are thankful for my prayers. I think God is wonderful to use us all to encourage one another. To Him be the glory.

It's been absolutely freezing here in Florida. In fact, we've had the heater turned on for several days. I think we must have sucked the cold air out of Virginia - or Canada! LOL

And you know what? It's been a big chocolate-snarfing week for me, too.

Edie said...

The weather has been up and down here. I never know how I should dress.

I am thankful for everything that I have because it all comes straight from His hand. I am thankful for His constant provision. I am thankful for wonderful *Sisters*. :)

Truth4thejourney said...

You know, after reading your post I think I'll go find something chocolate to eat! LOL!

Have a good day!


Edie said...

So does this mean you're participating or you're not? Enunciate!! lol!

Only one person has said they want to so there are still two open spaces for a gift. You can do the post whenever it's convenient. If you don't want to that's ok, I just couldn't tell from your comment.

"I'm so confused!" :D

Edie said...

Besides, sisters are always eligible for gifts. Geeez. :)

Edie said...

Next week is great. I still have to make the gift. So I better get on it!! :)

On Purpose said...

REading your blog today is NOT easy for me...I am trying to keep the chocolate on the down low...and now I find it here posted on your blog...yikes! Okay so go eat some for me..that will at least make me feel a little better! Love to you!

B His Girl said...

It does do a heart good to give thanks to the Lord. I'm glad you are encouraged by the work you put into your blog Kelly. You should be. I was thinking about the devotional you wrote the other day...the limbo one. Is that going in your book or are you submiting it other places? It is the best fresh devotional I have read in a long time. I pray you use the gifts tucked inside you to the fullest. This comment is from more than me: ) B

Beverlydru said...

I felt intoxicated with the fragrance of the most incredible chocolate cake I made today for my son's birthday. Oh man, talk about yummy. I'll post the recipe. I had to give it to him when they left or I would be really overindulging! I'm thankful for chocolate and blogs that give me great recipes and for my family!!