Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Just Got A Letter. Wonder Who It's From?

It's from my friend. Edie at Rich Gifts is "Paying it Forward" by sending 3 people gifts. Those 3 people (one of them is me), then have to send 3 more people gifts, and so on and so on.

Here is what Edie sent me. Opening the package...

Ooh, wrapped! How pretty.

Edie sent me a book mark with some chocolates wrapped in a doily "envelope." And she made this beautiful cross magnet. Jealous? You can make yourself one. Just visit Edie's new craft blog at Creations for the Glory of God Alone. You can find the Doily gift here. You can find the magnet here.

She even sent little gifts for my girls. They were so excited! Thanks "Miss Edie!"

The three folks who will be receiving gifts from me are Mary from MYADHDME, Lea from the Potting Shed, and Patrice from Blessings Amid Chaos. So be watching your mailboxes, and don't forget to post your own "Pay it Forward" post to send gifts to 3 more bloggers each.

Chatty Kelly


My ADHD Me said...

She's SO nice!

I got mine too!

For my thank you post I just have to write CLICK HERE and then link to you!!!

Thanks Edie!!!!!!!

sailorcross said...

WOW!! That's a wonderful Pay It Forward!!

That Edie, I tell you, she's quick!! She had a year to send these out, and what has it been, a month?

Marla said...

Those are so nice and even nicer that you got them from Edie. Edie is one awesome woman.

Edie said...

Well aren't you all so nice. I love the picture of the girls. :)
Hope you enjoy your small gift.

Susan said... sweet!! Thanks for sharing.

B His Girl said...

how fun. That Edie is something else! b

Vashti said...

Isnt it exciting to get gift boxes??!! Now you know how I felt when I got yours! Still plowing through my chocolate chips!

ps i found out this week that my younger brother reads you blog! how funny!