Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does God Get Mad?

I heard a Christian song with the lyric "Don't be deceived, God's not mad at you." (this is a paraphrase, I don't recall the exact lyric.) I was chatting with someone about it, who agreed that since the New Covenant established at the cross, that God doesn't get mad at us. Really?

In my recent readings in the Old Testament, all I am reading about is God's burning anger. And usually His anger is followed by wrath and a threat of death. Usually someone intercedes for the person He is mad with. For example when God is angry with the Israelites, Moses pleads for mercy. When God is angry with the Sodomites, Abraham pleads for mercy. God, who is merciful, usually then give some form of punishment with mercy, but not death. The Bible does say God is slow to anger, but believe me it has many many mentions of His anger.

What about the New Testament? In Mark 5, Jesus is angry with the Pharisees for questioning him. Romans 2 talks about God's righteous judgment and says some will receive wrath and anger. In Hebrews 3 the Holy Spirit declares an oath on His anger. Don't forget that we see examples of Jesus anger in Matthew 21. He overturns tables in the temple because of the sinful activities going on there. Then He withers a fig tree that had no fruit on it, because He was hungry.

If Jesus, who was perfect, exhibited anger on earth, certainly this is a just emotion. If God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and Jesus is God in flesh, surely God does get angry with us. When a child is @bducted, @bused and k!lled, do we really believe God is not angry at that? How could He not be? When a godly husband or wife is lured into adultery, God is not angry? When a pastor leaves his faith and enters a life of sin, God is surely disappointed and yes, angry. God, who had smoldering anger when Moses politely said "Please send someone else," surely feels anger at more blatant sin.

I believe that God does get angry at us today. And we deserve it! His anger is just. But the story doesn't end with the anger. No, the rest of the story is His mercy. He sent His son Jesus to die for us, so that we have forgiveness. Our sins are washed away, and we receive eternal life when what we deserve is eternal damnation.

The Bible doesn't even tell us not to get angry, only not to sin in our anger. (Ephesians 4:26) Surely if God allows our own just anger, as long as we do not sin or practice revenge, then He too must have anger. Praise God that He is so loving and merciful in His anger!

I'd love to hear your thoughts today. Do you believe that God gets mad at us even today? If not, let me know why, I'd love to hear. If so, elaborate on your thoughts. No flaming other opinions, but I'd love to have a forum to hear what you believe and why.

Mark 3:4,5 -- Then Jesus asked them, "Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?" But they remained silent. He looked around at them in anger and, deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts, said to the man, "Stretch out your hand." He stretched it out, and his hand was completely restored.

Psalm 38:1 -- O LORD, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath.

Romans 2:5, 8 -- But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God's wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed...for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger.

Chatty Kelly


My ADHD Me said...

Yes, I think he gets mad. Or if someone wants to quibble over words, I supposed I could say, "Yes, I think He gets angry".
I am just so very grateful he is slow to anger and is so merciful.

Look at us! If we were your children, wouldn't you get angry once in a while?

In my humble opinion, he is the parent who gets angry, gets sad, and then forgives us when we once again do the wrong thing. We are just lucky that we don't get the discipline we deserve, or that HE is capable of.

Dorothy Champagne said...

It's an interesting question. Most assuredly I think He gets angry - but I'm not sure where the anger is directed. He knows that Satan is behind all if it and I think His anger must start there and then He is saddened when we can not, or will not take a stand against Satan. I, personally, don't want to give God any reason to be angry - whether it's because of Satan or not. Good thinker today!

Sue J. said...

I really think you've done a wonderful job of pulling the necessary Scriptures that say ABSOLUTELY He gets angry! But, as you have also so clearly supported, He is full of mercy!

Jesus came to save us from the CONSEQUENCES of our sins. That doesn't mean that the Trinity looks upon the sins we continue to commit and says, "Oh well! There he/she goes again.... No biggie."

Remember that passage in Revelation, in which God tells the Laodicean church: "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. (Revelation 3: 15&16) God, not upset??!

I wish we had the song lyric so we could pick it apart. I would hope there is a line or two that sets the record straight.

Probably also worth saying that I don't think God is angry with us constantly, to the point where people think, "If I just do good things, He'll show me mercy." God knows that we are a sinful lot. But He also stands by ready to extend mercy and grace AS WE ASK FOR IT, and come to a place in which we realize we are hopeless and helpless without Him.

Micah 7:18--"Who is a God like you, who pardons sin and forgives the transgression of the remnant of his inheritance? You do not stay angry forever but delight to show mercy."

This dovetails into the Ten Commandments (KJV) in which God commands that we should not make/worship idols. Verses 5-7 talk about God showing His mercy unto thousands who love Him and keep His commandments.

He doesn't want to be angry with us. He loves us so much! But we need to understand our role in this relationship. The Father gets angry with His children sometimes. But it's righteous anger, and it's part of His discipline that brings us life, light and all things good! And Jesus showed us all these things in His work here, as well.

You did a really nice job presenting all of this, Kelly!

Jim said...

Wow, you've really got my brain cells firing with this post!

Angry? Most certainly! Although I agree with Dorothy that God's anger is directed toward Satan. More than anything God is JUST. Not fair, just.

If He were fair. . . well . . . I don't want to think about what I deserve! I'd rather focus on His grace.

Righteous indignation I think is what comes to mind more than anything else. Not in the human way (the way I am all too often and have been called on more times than I care to recall) but righteous indignation that is justified because of who/what God is!

I'll be thinking aobut this one all day!

Truth4thejourney said...

Hi Kelly,

I know God gets angry because it is evident in the Bible. I must disagree, though about God directing His anger at Satan. I've not seen any instances of that throughout scripture. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, the serpent (satan) was punished for his part, but they had to bear their own responsibility for the sin.

Does God pour out His wrath today like in the O.T.? No, because of Jesus sacrifice on the cross, we are under that grace - The Blood of the Lamb has paid the price for our sin.

I believe there are consequences for our actions (sins) just look at what happens when someone chooses to commit adultry, they risk loosing everything, for example. But the minute they ask for God's forgiveness, our sins are washed away as white as snow and He remembers them, no more.

Satan's day will come, and ours too in the end, we will stand before the judgement seat and give account for EVERY IDLE word that is spoken. SCARY! Thus the call of Paul to live a Holy life and be perfect, just as Jesus was perfect. Although, this is not physically possible, it is a goal to strive for.

The Bible also talks a lot about having a fear of God. Hmmm, that's another topic for another post. :)


Runner Mom said...

Most definitely! I just got home from my Precepts Bible study...we're on Isaiah! Yes, He does get angry. But, He always is fatihful and just. HE gives us a hope. We have the opportunity to repent and do things the right way--His way. I'm seeing this over and over again in this study.

I'm just glad that He is slow to anger...I need to be more that way with the boys!!!

Greg C said...

I too think that God gets angry just like we as parents get angry with our children and there are a lot of similarities between the two. Sometimes children do things that we know are wrong and that makes us angry. Then there are times they do things that we told them not to do and we get really angry. And then there are the times when we as parents have to let them grow and live their lives even though we know they will make mistakes. All three can make us angry but we still love them.

I think God does get very angry when we do things that he has told us not to do. I also think that he is disappointed in us. I think that we go through the same cycles as parents. At first God was happy with all he had created like we are with our newborn children. But man chose to make bad decisions and to disobey him and the first reaction was extreme anger. He literally showed man the Wrath of God, similar to what parents sometimes do. But he forgave us and gave us another chance to start again with a clean slate. But again and again we chose to disobey. No matter how much he tries, we continue to sin.
As a parent, I can imagine how God must feel. No matter what our children do to us, we still love them even though they anger and disappoint us.

Great question!!

Edie said...

Wow lots of great comments here, and a really great post today Kelly. Very thought provoking.

I'm in agreement that the Bible clearly shows and says that God does get angry. I think sometimes people think that anger and hate are synonomous. They are not. As Greg pointed out, a parent will get angry with their child but still love the child.

I also have to agree with Sonya that God holds each of us accountable for our actions. Yes satan and his army can influence us but it is still our choice to follow their lead in sin or follow Christ into righteousness.

Also, being slow to anger doesn't mean never angered. Mercy is only extened to those who choose to follow Christ not to those who choose to follow satan. The Bible clealy says that in the end His wrath will be poured out on the earth and all those who choose not to follow Christ.

Oh my goodness, this topic is a book girl! So I will stop. Geez, I should have written this in a post instead of in here. I've been praying for a topic. It seems that He keeps putting the same subject matter in my path too.

Off topic - Why haven't you commented in the chat room? After ADHD-Jo was so nice to you and left you bazillions of comments on your PIF post. For shame, for shame. Oh wait... I think you did... Anonymous. :D

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

God gets mad. The scriptures you shared prove that fact. And I'm thankful that He paid the price for us on the cross.
You know I've been in thee Old Testament too and like you, keep reading about His wrath.
The thing I keep thinking about is... that Yes He took our place on the cross for our sins, but what gets me is how some people think that since He's so loving and gives us mercy and grace that they can just keep on sinning the same ole sins. That just kills me... and I can only imagine what it must make Him feel like.

Vashti said...

Hey I just got your comment! HAHAHA!!!! He is in the UK. I found out because i was chatting to him on facebook and he signed off saying "Sometimes teaching, Always Learning." I asked him where he got that and he told me from you!!! HAhahaha! So funny. I told him about how you sent me a care package and now he thinks you rock!!! And he is stalking you! I dont think he would have the nerve to leave a comment!

And I also think that God gets ticked of with us! Sorry God! I know I will screw up again today!

Have a Blessed day my friend.
V x

Bonita said...

Considering the first time I ever pondered this was five minutes ago, nothing I say here can or will be used against me. LOL! I haven't studied out the topic, though I see that you have done a superior job. I'm simply talking off the top of my head here.

Do I think God gets angry? Yes. We are made in His image and we have that emotion so why would He give us what He doesn't have too? Jesus exhibited it here on earth. In the O.T. God got so mad at the Israelites that he wanted to wipe them off the earth and start over. It even says in Exodus 4:14 that God's anger burned against Moses when he tried to shirk God's call. If He got mad then, I reckon He still gets mad now.

However, I think there is a vast difference between getting mad and being moody. The Bible says that God is slow to anger. Every little thing doesn't rile Him. Jesus didn't walk the earth with a chip on His shoulder just looking for someone to lash out at. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people see God as this moody parent getting upset over every little thing and they live their lives in fear of messing up and making Him mad.

Does God get mad? Yes, in the Bible I see Him mad at perpetual sin, at religion that keeps people from a real relationship with Him, at those who won't embrace His will and walk by faith (Moses). Yet, that anger seems miniscule compared to His surpassing qualities of love, mercy, faithfulness, patience, forgiveness... Personally, I believe His love trumps all.

Also, I think sometimes people mistake natural consequences for the anger of God. For example, when we choose to disobey and walk outside of His will we open ourselves up to a lot of trouble, some of our own making and some that Satan inflicts. Picture this: I tell my child not to touch a hot burner. He does it anyway and gets burned. Did I get mad and burn the child? Did I cause his pain? No, he disobeyed and opened himself up to the heat of the burner. A natural consequence occurred. A lot of people get burned by their own choices and then pin it on God. A prime example is found in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve endured some hefty consequences, but I'm not convinced that God was acting in anger. Rather, they received the natural consequences of their decision. He simply spelled out in detail what those consequences would entail.

Okay, I'll shut up. If I think of more I'll comment again, though I know by now everyone is praying that I don't think of more!

Thanks for always keeping us thinking and on our toes scripturally, Kelly.

Marla said...

Yes, God does get angry with his people. The bible as you said talks about his wrath upon people, many times. He is patient and loving, but when God gives us so many chances to come to him, I am sure he gets angry. I believe that when he gets angry people deserve it! We all know that some day his wrath will come upon his creation once and for all, I would assume that he will be very angry then!