Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Rainbow Resolutions

The blog returns for real on Monday. But since we're still on vacation, just for fun, the resolutions I'd make if I lived somewhere over the Rainbow, or some other place where dreams really do come true:

1. I will get back to my pre-children body weight and build without diet, exercise or illness.

2. My desk will remain neat and organized to provide a peaceful working environment.

3. I will not raise my voice at my kids the 11th time I tell them to do something (even though they haven't listened the first 10 times).

4. I will put the laundry away on the same day that I wash, dry and fold it.

5. I will not check my email more than twice a day. I will use all that extra time to organize my household.

6. I will not determine my blog postings worth by the number of comments left. (But everyone knows if you hit 25, "They like you, they really like you!"

7. I won't wait until the night before my weekly bible study to do my bible study homework.

8. I'll accept those fine lines or gray hairs as signs of wisdom learned over the years (HA!).

9. I will not be ashamed of the fact that I, you know, well occasionally, not that I have to, sometimes watch American Idol.

10. I will gather up all the change in my home, roll it and cash it in...quite possibly becoming a millionaire. (where does all this change come from???)

What are your Rainbow Resolutions??

Chatty Kelly


2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Well, I hate to excoriate you, but I wouldn't be caught DEAD watching American Idol. Puh-leeze. I only watch "Masterpiece Theatre" after I've put away my laundry.

Vashti said...

I love this post and I am in agreement with most of them!
I havent even thought about new year resolutions...perhaps thats what i should do on night 2 of no hubby home!
Last night i watched Youve got mail....again!
Have a lovely day
ps still waiting for the package. Im so excited!

Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

Let me know how #'s 3,4,& 8 turn out! I need some Major advice in those areas!

Dena @ Green Acres said...

I'm thinking we have the same exact list...well, except for American Idol. I like it, but I LOVE Biggest Loser and they are on at the same time.

If you do find a way to get to the pre-children weight and build, please, oh please let me know how you did that!

Alyce said...

hey Kelly...THis was cute.. I can relate to most of them! Happy New Year..

Edie said...

HaHaHa!! Can I be your Accountability Partner? LOL!!

#4, #5 - These are my rainbow resolutions! LOL! I put the laundry away ... eventually.

Funny, I have some posts coming up on Rainbows. :)

I'll be there Friday for that Bible study!

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

"Somewhere over the rainbow"....I am singing it now!

If comments = worth....oh my! I rarely hit 25! (except on give-aways!) You clearly are more worthy than I am! :)

Very enjoyable post!

May all your dreams come true!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I haven't seen it but a couple times, but I'd watch American Idol with ya... any day, and help ya fold your laundry. ;)
Singing somewheeeeere OVERR THE RAIIIIIINBOWWWwWWwwWwwWw
BAYyyYYyY uPPPpppPppp
Thereeees a KelllllyYYyYY I know Of:
Once in a Blog a bYyyYYYyYY*
sorry; best I could come up with

sailorcross said...

Oh, I can relate--especially to that laundry issue!!

Wash, dry, take it out of the dryer and wear it--that's my theory most of the time!! Oh, yes, sometimes you need to spritz it a little and then put it back in the dryer because we certainly wouldn't want to use that iron (oh, sorry for the foul language on your post--did I really say IRON?)!!


My ADHD Me said...

After you're finished, send your real estate manager my way!!!!!

Marla said...

I have to admit I like American Idol. I love to hear people sing. This is a good post. I always wait till the night before my small group at church to read my chapter in the book Experiencing God! Except next week, I have already read the chapter!!

Sandy Toes said...

Great resolutions..I wish I could only check my email twice..I don't think I could do it!!!

25 comments means they like you???Never heard that one before:)!

Cute blog!
-sandy toes

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for the laugh, Kelly!
Do you really think it's possible to check email only twice a day?
What discipline!
What structure!
What a clean house I could have!
What a joke! There's no way I could do it. LOL

My ADHD Me said...

Sandy Toes--25 comments doesn't just mean they like ,means "They Like You!! They Really Like You!"

CK-Explanation--you know explanations lose something when it comes to jokes. Whay it meant was, if you are able to find this place over the rainbow, and if you use a real estate agent...send him my way so I can move there too...oh course you know what happens then....There Goes The Neighborhood!

Kit Wilkinson said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the congrats. I'd love to catch up with your Richmond writers group sometime. Really. And, my husband does the laundry :-) My new years reso is to help every once in while.

Great Blog!!!

God's girl said...

American Idol! Yeah.
Someone else...
(another adult)
who watches...
episodes of American Idol...
(like most episodes)
(almost every season)
and isn't afraid to...
(well, sometimes)
admit it, especially
in bloggy-land!
(ok, you are brave)

~Could you imagine if you had to actually live up to those resolutions??? (January 1, 2009- 12:01 a.m., failed resolutions #1-10)

Mocha with Linda said...

Yep. You named 'em.

Except I may be the only person in America that doesn't watch AI.

B His Girl said...

Just trying to help you hit 25. Dreams really do come true. I have a Cinderella stamp to prove it.

Van said...

Great thoughts on approaching the new year. Almost have those 25 comments.

Joyfulsister said...

LOL Sistah!!
You never cease to make me smile, I luv this list,, now I'm going to do a fun one like this in my journal..
And guess what??? we like you we really like you!!! 25 comments or not, we luv ya sis

Luv ya Lorie

Patrice said...

Wow, you can make it to the 11th time before raising your voice at your kids!! I would never last that long!! Great list!

Greg C said...

I could always post 5 times and help you reach that 25 goal. I keep waiting for this diet lull to end but I think I may be stuck here. I can feel your pain on telling the kids a thousand times no, no, no no. And they wonder why we raise our voices.

Sue J. said... have a website! You are too cool, my friend....

Still not at 25 yet, but this brings you one step closer.

Will be pushing you toward that devotional book. Woo!

And, what's our study? Better check that E-mail....

Annette said...

Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to let you know that I am glad I have a new bloggy friend. I think will get along great. Being I like to chat about lots of things myself. Thanks for the encouraging comment about my stepdaughter. Look forward to a new and exciting friendship.

Dorothy Champagne said...

YAY I'm number 25! We like you - we really really like you!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Whew! I just dropped by to make sure I didn't need to post a bunch of comments to be sure you hit 25. I should have known you would be there, even without my help!
You DO know what that means, don't you....
They Like You!!
They Really Like You!!!!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

HA!! 27.....But I really do like you, and your blog!

God's girl said...

Kelly- Ok, who did you talk to??? LOL. You have totally been conspiring with my friends, because they tell me that exact story over and over:) God is tooooooooooo funny!