Monday, January 5, 2009

Faith & Mustard Seeds

After my husband & I were married we wanted children right away. After two long years we were still childless, and very disappointed. Finally our daughter was born during the third year of our marriage.

While Christmas shopping the next year, I found some Christmas stockings that I just loved. They were crushed velvet with jewel-like buttons and gold trim. They came in four colors. I picked up three for my husband, my daughter and me. I looked at the fourth stocking. With all my heart I wanted to have one more child. But would I be able to? Bystanders may have seen a woman trying to decide what color stockings to buy, but actually I was trying to decide if I had faith that I would have a second child. I bought the fourth stocking.

The next Christmas I pulled out our decorations. There was the fourth stocking. It represented faith, and hope, and longing. I left it in the box and hung the other three. The next year I did the same thing. But the year my daughter turned four, I was pregnant that Christmas. I was so excited, but still the stocking stayed in the box.

The next year I pulled out all four stockings. I told my husband the story of the stocking that had been in the box all these years. See, I had never told anyone about that stocking. I had faith, but just a teeny, tiny faith, built on great hope. If anyone had discouraged me, I might have lost my faith. So instead I just kept it inside, a tiny faith the size of a mustard seed. But now my faith was realized, as I had another child.

Several years have gone by since that Christmas, and at four years old, my youngest just celebrated her fifth Christmas. I had not forgotten about the story per se, but it was in the back of my memory.

As I pulled down the stockings this past week and laid them together to pack them away, I remembered. Tears came into my eyes as I remembered that longing, that hope and that faith, and felt it realized. My children, my family just as I'd dreamed.

What are you longing for today? Have faith, even the size of a mustard seed, that God knows your heart's desire and longs to grant it to you.

To read another article on faith by me, click over to ithirst and read my article on "The Power of Faith" on the front page, toward the bottom. This is the first of my 4-part feature "The Power of Faith, Love, Hope & Prayer." I'll be writing one article a month there through April.

Matthew 17:20 -- "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Psalm 37:4 -- Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Chatty Kelly


Annette said...

Hi Kelly,

I love how your faith just shines through your posts.
Yes, I guess that what finally happened with my stepdaughter. We finally just had to give it to God and have faith that she would be with us one day.

Thanks for that sweet story.


sailorcross said...

Good Morning, Kelly!!

I'm just on the way out to go to work, and I stopped by quickly to read your post. I'll go after work and read your article when I have more time.

Faith--one of God's greatest gifts to me. None of my 3 adult children are believers, in fact they scoff at my beliefs.

But, I pray for them daily and I know that God is working through me and them to bring them to Him. I have every faith that this will one day occur.

I, too, have given this to God. All is in His control, His timing, His plans.

Thanks for encouraging me onward!!


B His Girl said...

How cool that the stockings are like feet! Yes you are walking by faith. Look how big you seed has grown.

Dorothy Champagne said...

Why is it so easy for children to have this faith - and for us it seems so difficult. My youngest child one day in saying a prayer at lunch asked God to bless her food AND for a penguin to drop from the sky into her lap . . . ??? She was wanting a penguin - so she asked in all faith that it would be given to her.

Thank you for your encouragement of faith.

Vashti said...

You will never guess what I did today??.......I was in a little hand made clothing store and I bought a little knitted sweater and matching hat for a baby girl!!! I just felt that I had to do it. We have been trying (not too pro-actively) for a baby for 4 years and still no biological baby, I really believe that God was keeping me from getting pregnant so that we would adopt our boys but now we are going to get pro-active for our first biological baby and I really believe we will have a girl...dont know why but I do. So today I bought this litte sweater and hat just like you bought your stockings! Please pray with me!

Much love.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Good mornin', friend. Thanks for sharing this. I think you should submit this for publication.

Sharon said...

He will give us our hearts desire if we just have faith. As he gave you yours.
Great post
Be Blessed today

My ADHD Me said...

I agree with 2nd Cup of Coffee. This is one of your best yet!

I didn't know about the stockings. Without faith, you could have been setting yourself up for a huge disappointment every year. You are a very strong person.

My ADHD Me said...

I just read your article at iThirst. LOVED IT!
I almost put that quote in my first comment, as it is one of my favorites.

Dena said...

What an awesome awesome post. We too had fertility problems and I know what a struggle keeping the faith during that time can be. God is so great!

God's girl said...

Very wonderful post! I love how faith seems to be the theme right now in our hearts. Imagine the legacy you are leaving behind for your daughters.

Mary Moss said...

Sometimes we must step out in faith to realize our dreams. I'm so happy this dream came true in the form of two wonderful, beautiful daughters:-)

God's girl said...

I read your article. I will never see that movie the same way. You are such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

This is one of your best posts that I have read. And, I read a lot of them - I just don't always post a comment. I loved it and it nearly made me cry as I read it. You really should submit this one for publication. So proud of you girl!!
Take care,

Tammy said...

Reading your story has blessed me.

When you see God's hands in the lives of others,it helps to hang on to your faith and believe.

Mocha with Linda said...

Precious story. I agree with Lid.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Wow!! If I wasn't at work I would be crying... instead I am pretending it is my cold acting up. Thank you for shating this story!! It makes me want to run about a buy another Christmas stocking to put in the box with our three.

Thanks again!!

Beverlydru said...

Beautiful! I see your devotional book coming together for sure - one post at at time.

Patrice said...

Very touching story, very encouraging no matter what our situation may be!!

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Hi, Kelly! Enjoyed your article over at ithirst! Congratulations!

The verse God has been whispering to me lately about faith is Romans 10:17
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

Our faith comes and grows as we hear, read and soak in His Word. Call me a sponge!

Greg C said...

Hi Kelly. I had a big letdown today even though I tried to keep faith in someone. I once heard that if you put your faith in mankind, you will be let down but if you put your faith in God you will be rewarded. Sometimes though I just want to believe that people will follow through with what they promise. I wish I had your faith.

Edie said...

This is a great story CK. It really does only take a small amount of faith for God to build on, and He always gives exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or imagine.

I'm off to read your article. Yay for you. I have been keeping you in my prayers (reminded by that bracelet too). :)

Edie said...

I loved your first article Kelly! Faith in the wrong person, place, or thing will fail us, but Faith in God Alone will never fail.

Looking forward to reading the others. :D

Becoming Me said...

Oh Kelly, that was such a beautiful story of faith and growing. I hope you put a copy of this post in that stocking one year. :-)

Marla said...

What a great testament of your faith. The stockings by the way are lovely. I'm off to read you article.

Marla said...

Great 1st article Kelly, will look forward to reading the other 3!!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful story. What beautiful faith!


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The Patterson 5 said...

That story made me cry! It is soooo sweet! Praise God for your beautiful girls!

Things Above said...

What an incredible post. God sure has me reflecting deeply on the thoughts you presented. Thanks for sharing!

Sheryl said...

What a wonderful witness.

Susan said...

Wow, Kelly! This is an amazing story that I am so glad you shared.

:-) Susan

KelliGirl said...

What a precious story and wonderful example of faith. Congratulations on your article on ithirst! Way to go!

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Sis,
What a beautiful family you have and what a wonderful story of faith!!1 It is a story that one day your daughter will pass on to her children and that stocking will be such a treasured keepsake.
Hugz Lorie

Bonita said...

Thank you for sharing this precious story of faith. It encourages me greatly as I have some tangible items that sit right in front of me at the computer that represent what I'm believing for as well.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

How incredible....

Everytime I hear the Faith of a Mustard seed from now on, I will think of the faith of the Christmas stocking.

You are a blessing Kelly!