Friday, January 30, 2009

10 Things with "L"

I have been peer pressured into playing the letter game by some of my adoring blog fans. The game goes like this: "You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on..."

I wasn't going to play...but you know, my fans are insisting and I can't let them down. So I've been assigned the letter L by MY ADHD ME (also knows as my sister). Here it goes:

1. Latte. Nonfat milk, with whip...any flavor, peppermint mocha, pumpkin spice, s'more. I just love coffee of all types and flavors.

2. Lipstick. If I'm having a blah day, I can just put some shine on my lips and it brightens up my whole face. You can't not smile if you're wearing bright lipstick. I like hot pink the best.

3. Listening. No, not me, I'm the chatty one. I like friends who are listening. You know the ones who you've spent time with and you leave feeling like you've been heard, understood, and loved anyway. I love listening friends. I love to LAUGH with my friends too, but my sister said I can't use life, love or laughter for my L words.)

4. Learning. I love the "aha" moments that come when I finally understand something. Whether it's something simple like someone else's pun, or something deep like the Bible, I love learning and finally "getting" it.

5. Liquor...nah, just kidding. Just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention. LOL!
5. Letters! I love to get mail. (No, Greg, really this isn't a hint). I just love going to the mail box and never knowing what treasures await. It's like a magical box with daily secrets in it. I even like getting bills, as it validates that this stay home mom is a person to someone else in the outside world. (I didn't say I liked paying them, just seeing my name in print).

6. "Leroy." That is the nickname I call my husband. Mainly because it is in fact his middle name. He is from the Midwest and he swears it is pronounced "la-ROY" there, and will tell you that it is french for "The King." But here in the South we say "LEE-roy." (and I'll add I love my Little Ones, 2 daughters as well).

7. Literary Agents. What I'd really love is for one to represent me.

8. Loquaciousness. I'm very loquacious, it's my personality. Look it up. :-)

9. Lyrics. I love to sing! My husband says I can remember the words to every song I've every heard. Unfortunately, I just can't remember the tune. Well, I remember it in my head...but when the words come out of my mouth it just doesn't sound the same.

10. LORD - Of course, I saved the best for last. "I love you Lord, and I lift my voice to worship you, oh my soul rejoice! Take joy, My King, in what You hear, Let it be a sweet, sweet sound In Your ear." (I guess I'm combining my #9 & #10 here...I love the Lord and I love singing praises to him with great lyrics.)

So there, it was easy. I came up with 10 things that I love that start with the letter L. If you want to play...go visit my sister's blog and she'll give you a letter!

Have a GREAT weekend!

Chatty Kelly


Greg C said...

Great post and I am not sorry that I nagged you into doing it because it was so great. I read the first #5 and went WHAT? so yes I was paying attention. Nice try but I wasn't fooled. How did I know you would have the same #10 as I would had I been assigned the letter L. Oh and don't worry, I am not going to send you a "letter".

Melanie said...

This was fun to read! I love an "L" too. It's Lee - my husband's middle name. When I'm teasing him I call him by his first and middle name. 'Can't bring the "French" out of that one.

Joy in The Truth said...

Well, I just looked up "Loquasiousness" at and it says "characterized by excessive talk". Very funny "Chatty Kelly"!

L-L-Loved your L-L-List! :)

I hope you have quiet time with the Lord while enjoying a Latte and then singing some Lyrics to worship songs, and I'll be praying a Literary Agent represents you soon! :) And say "hi" to Leroy for us! And you know I love Letters, too...just posted on them this week!

L-L-Lots of L-L-Love to you!

The Patterson 5 said...

Loquacious is excessive talk and your level of chattiness is just right not excessive! Enjoyed your list!

B His Girl said...

You should have put on your armor and stood firm against the pressure, but you L'd well. Thank you Joy in the truth for looking up "Loquasiousness" for us. That's perfect for a Chatty girl!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Numbers 1,2 & 5, all the way~!

Kay Martin said...

The first guy I dated that I truly cared for wrote me a letter saying I was loquacious. Yep, I'd say you and I are both loquacious!!!

L words: Listening is my passion; I learn so much listening to others. As I am seriously writing and interviewing people I am astonished what I hear from these folks. As a big talker I've missed much; I'm listening with great intensity to make up for lost wisdom from others.

Laughter: God is blessing me with joy that makes no sense. He is showing me the value of laughter and I love it and seek it wherever, whenever and with whomever that this is wholesome and fitting with God.

Love....above all love.

My how I love words. Throw me a letter and I'll chew all day. Gotta' run.

As usual you've written another wonderful blog post. Love hanging out here.

My ADHD Me said...

haha- So Peer Pressure Wins I see an article brimming from that?

#3. Listening friends- Haha!! That's why it is so funny when we get together. We don't have to listen because we know what the other is going to say. SO, we both talk, interupt, talk, interupt etc.... not too many people that we could get away with that.

#8- Loquacious- I was called that for the first time about 20 years ago. I have no idea why...

"Go to my sister's blog for a letter" funny.

Irritable Mother said...

What is it with coffee that everyone loves so much??? Latte...I'll let you keep it, but I'm certainly with you on the lipstick, listening friends, lyrics, and especially the LORD.

Actually, I used to drive my listening friends nuts with the lyrics. They were all convinced they could never say anything to me without me turning it into a song I knew. What can I say, when there's a song in my heart, it has to come out! *grin*

Edie said...

Now aren't you glad you have Friends that pressure you to talk?

1. I don't care so much about latte but I love my coffee. Juan is my friend.

3. I used to think that the reason I was on the phone so long with people was because I talked so much. Then I started paying attention and realized that it's because I Listen so much. LOL. No wonder we are friends. :D

4. Me too!

6. Me too! Ha! Not really. Just seeing if you were paying attention.

10. I was singing with you with arms held high!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love many of these! Well, not the liquor so much! LOL But letters & lyrics & latte & the Lord.

And I guess I'll let it slide that there were no Lids mentioned... (You know, like Thing One & Thing Two in The Cat in the Hat - she's Lid One & I'm Lid Two!) ;-)

Sharon said...

This was so good and you had me laughing. I could not agree more with you on the lipstick, I feel the same way.
Loved your post
Laughing at you & greg!
Have a Loved and blessed weekend

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Good gravy girl,.... that was one funky word you used to describe yourself? I haven't looked it up yet... mainly coz I'll have to go re-read so I know how to SPELL it.
Ya know... "I" could have been one of your L words. :( -- So quickly FORGOTTEN! (boohoo) Oh well... I'm over it already.
cheers to the Latte... over a chat bout our Lord!

sailorcross said...

I saw that you were playing, too, so I had to stop by and see what your "L's" were.

Mine, as you know, was "R", and I was thinking of tossing rum in there to see if anybody was REALLY reading these. But, they are!!

Latte--yum, yum!! I LOVE my coffee. In fact, a friend once told me--"didn't I think it was time to give Juan a break from all his picking coffee bean time"!! Nope, sorry, not yet Juan!! You can't retire yet.

Loved all your "L's"!!


Beverlydru said...

This is was fun - neat that you added pictures. This meme is fun to do and fun to read.

Dorothy Champagne said...

Number 3 was great - total honesty! :)

Marla said...

All nice things that begin with L. I was assigned a letter, from a fellower blogger but I haven't posted it yet. I did come up with 10 things, I have an easy letter.

Edie said...

Have I told you lately what a wonderful sister you are? That starts with L doesn't it? :D