Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday - 12/11

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Today is my husband's birthday! Happy Birthday John! So for today's version of Thankful Thursday, I am going to list 5 things for which I am thankful about my husband.

1. He esteems me. We were at a party recently and the couples were playing a strange game where you say who you would "be with" if you could be with anyone (celebrity). All the guys were listing different women and when they asked my husband, he said I'm the only person he wants to be with. He was "boo'ed" by the other guys, but I am so thankful for a husband who esteems me.

2. He supports my writing. When I mentioned attending "She Speaks" he gave a huge YES and supported me 100%. He knows this is something important to me.

3. He is generous. My husband is never stingy. While we have had times of want and times of plenty in our marriage, his desire is to give me everything I need, and many things I want. I am truly blessed this way.

4. He attends church with me and shares my beliefs. I am so thankful to have a supportive husband in this most important area of my life.

5. His love language is acts of service. While this is not my love language, I am thankful that I have learned to recognize it is how he shows love. So when he fills my car with gas every week for me, or takes our daughter to school (or picks her up) so I don't have to, I know he is showing love. Do you know your husband's love language? (You can take the quiz to determine yours, or have your husband take it to determine his).

So I am thankful today for my husband, on his birthday!

Chatty Kelly


Vashti said...

We read the 5 love languages when we were dating! its awesome, I am gifts/quality time and my husband is acts of service. What a great thing to know about you has helped us so much through out our relationship. I now have 5 love languages of kids.

I love your new family photo.


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to John!
What a beautiful family picture.
It truly is a blessing to have a husband who supports your dreams. Mine does the same for me.
Thank you, God!

Pinkshoelady said...

Isn't it a most beloved blessing to be with a man who loves and serves the same God?

You are a blessed woman. I am blessed by knowing you.

Truth4thejourney said...

This is a wonderful TT post, Kelly! Happy birthday to your hubby!!

Your family picture is so beautiful! Glad you posted it.

Your Friend,

Devita said...

wow! Happy birthday! He must be very grateful to have you:D

Mrs. Sidney said...

This is a great post and reminded me to be thankful for my husband.

Kay Martin said...

I love your husband as you bring him to us here. I also love the way you honor and respect him: just exactly what our Lord commands a good wife to do.

The love languages: I have to confess I've read the booksk, listened to the tapes and I struggle with this one. I find tha that as I invest in genuine listening I tend to find ways that bless those near me. I remember little tiny details that amaze people and I use that to show them that are so significant to me.

But I would love for you to write more on this or send me some help on this one personally in an email.

Today I'm thankful for you and what God has used you and your writing in my life.

Sit A Spell said...

What a blessing to have a hubby like that. God is good! Happy birthday to him : )

Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

Happy Birthday to John! A wonderful husband truly is a blessing from God!

Dorothy Champagne said...

Make sure he reads this post - so he can be reminded of how wonderful you are too!!! Happy Birthday to John!

Spring Fricks said...

You have much to be thankful for. That is truly a blessing. And, I love the five love language plug. Learning our love languages changed our lives for the better.

Thank you for your comment today. It really touched me. I am very thankful to have met Sonya at SheSpeaks and for the opportunity to get to know her. God has great things in store for her and I can't wait to see it play out in her life.

Isn't that dance outfit the cutest thing? After searching for a year, I finally found one in her size and now I have to hide it or she wants to wear it 24/7. She is the laughter in my day.

Greg C said...

Great post Kelly. And happy birthday John. I need to have my wife take that quiz. We speak different love languages. I am thankful that I got a whole box of free packing peanuts just a few minutes ago. You know what that means....present mailing time.

Edie said...

Happy Birthday John!

I just love this post Kelly. How beautiful you are in the way you honor your husband. I love, love, love that he chose you (in the game) over anyone else and was willing to *eat dirt* for it. :) Way to go John! You get a standing ovation from the ladies for that!

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Kelly, I LOVE this post! And I feel like we all got to know your hubby a bit, too! This is a great warms my heart and makes me do a happy dance. God continue to bless your marriage and family!

(And I just KNOW he'll support your eventual trip north for a day in NYC at Live! Bring the family!)

Happy Birthday to your hubs! :)

Sue J. said...

Happy Birthday, John!

That was a nice present Kelly gave you :-)

My ADHD Me said...

Happy Birthday John!!

Love the new photo.

#1. Aaawww (boo)
#2. I am SO glad for you. That is something that was lacking here when I joined the FD.
#3. :)
#4. YAY!!
#5. I took the Love Language test. It said I was Bi-Polar....I mean Bi-Lingual.

The Patterson 5 said...

Happy Happy Birthday John!!!! I agree he is a great Mr for Chatty Kelly! Match made in heaven!!!! You both are definately blessed!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Kelly, he sounds like a wonderful guy. And a SMART guy, in that awful conversation about being with people. I have a pretty good sense of humor, as you know, but that would be pushing me too far, personally. Also, I want to tell you that you cracked me up with your bruised hands from carrying so many shopping bags! You are the woman!

sailorcross said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby, John!!

I love the way you used your Thankful Thursday as a blessing to him. And, he sounds like a great guy--especially supporting you in your writing and all the little things he does for you.

Beautiful family photo, too!!


seesawfaith said...

Lovely post.

It reminded me that I hadn't shown much gratitude to my guy in a while.