Sunday, October 19, 2008

Winner Announced

Edie's has selected the winner of the Blog Make Over at her Design Blog. We picked our favorite poems and from them randomly selected a winner, who is Barb, with this entry:

"My blog is needy and I am greedy
It’s true and I’ll tell you why
I want the fluff .... YES ! all the stuff
That you said could be mine

A better header with awesome art
A blogskin that looks just ‘so
’Tabs and buttons and sidebar graphics
And pretty columns in a row

A place of my own, to share my thoughts
Where friends can come and visit
And share what God’s doing in their lives, too
Now, that’s not too much to ask, is it?"

Congratulations Barb! Thanks for everyone who played. And remember, if you didn't win, Edie will be happy to create a custom made blog for you for a small fee. Check her out!

Chatty Kelly


My ADHD Me said...

Congratulations Barb!!!!

Your Friend,
Susan Lucci

Barb said...

I'm so excited!!!!! After reading all the phenomenal poems, I have to admit that my first thought, after seeing MY POEM had won was, "this must be rigged... they've all been by my blog and devised this as a sneaky way to make it not so painful to visit me"... LOL

Whatever the reason, it's certainly a blessing and I'm thrilled to be the recipient.

Thanks to Edie - and all the truly insightful judges.

(P.S.S.T. myADHDme... isn't Susan Lucci dead or something?)

Runner Mom said...

Too, too cute!! Way to go, Barb!

My ADHD Me said...

No silly, Susan Lucci was on a soap opera. I'm not sure which one. She might still be on it. (I don't watch soaps) She was nominated something like 11-12 times for daytime emmy award and never won.

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Hi, Kelly! Just stopping by to tell you I was so excited to read that you will having an article published in P31 Magazine in November! I am SO excited for you! Now, I'll be running to my mailbox everyday, too! :)

May God be glorified!

Rejoicing with you!

Mrs. Sidney said...


Susan said...

She's so it. Congrats, Barb!!

Edie said...

Thanks again CK! (I did thank you right?) You really made the contest lots of fun with your *hostess with the mostest* charm and your own funny poems!

Wasn't Susan Lucci on All My Children?