Wednesday, October 15, 2008

False Idols

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I'll bet most of us, at first glance would say we don't have false idols. I know I don't have any golden images around my house that I worship. At the same time, I know that anything I put before God can be an idol, so I try to be careful to make God the most important thing in my life. I don't "idolize" my kids. I try not to be the mom that thinks the sun rises and sets on my kids' heads.

However, in a recent bible study we learned that anything that can rob your joy (the joy of the Lord) can be an idol. Do my kids have the ability to rob my joy when they bicker, argue, beg, nag or misbehave. I'm sorry to say yes. I don't have the ability to let things roll off of my back and just smile and say "behave darlings." No, my head spins and my eyes glaze over. If you choose to ask me that moment if I was joyful, I'd probably slug you in the arm. Thankfully, I do have the willpower to just send my children to their rooms, while I recover from my irritation, but why can't I remain joyful when they're not?

My kids have become an idol. I can't believe it, because I tried so hard not to let them become one. Yet, they absolutely control my mood. I'd like to add here that I have the formula to stop it. However, if I did, I wouldn't write it here, I'd write it in a book, which would become a #1 best seller, and you all could say "I knew her when she was just a newbie blogger." The fact is, there isn't a "fix" for my kids behavior. They're kids. They're pretty good actually. The problem is me.

Oh, how I hate to type that last statement! The problem is me. Ouch! I need to continue putting my focus on God. I thought I was, yet here I am confessing otherwise. I must daily rededicate myself to God. Then perhaps I will have a better ability not to let my mood be controlled by my children. Or the rude check out clerk. Or the driver who cut me off in traffic. get the idea.

So today, I try again to focus on God. I challenge you to do the same. And if you have the formula to make it happen, can you give the rest of us a hint in the chatty comments section?

Thank you.

Ephesians 5:5 -- For of this you can be sure: No immoral, impure or greedy person—such a man is an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Habakkuk 3:17, 18 -- Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.

Chatty Kelly


Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

I never thought to think "do my boys control my mood?" and sadly, I think they have more impact than I thought. I would never give anyone else that sort of "power" over my spiritual well being. Maybe it's all about boundaries?...I you said no quick fixes.

Great post, thanks!

The Patterson 5 said...

Boy do I need to spend some time in prayer about this one. I can get so wrapped up in the negative attitudes when my children misbehave. Thanks for the wake up call!

Truth4thejourney said...

Oh wow, Kelly. This is something that all mom's struggle with. But, I have found that if I have my morning alone time with God and then expect these trials to come it is easier to ward off my bad moods. (this is not foolproof)

I have also found that anger with my kids is usually brought on by my selfishness. Yes, when they are fighting while I'm trying to blog, I tend to get mad. Getting angry for me is a very selfish reaction. This is something I am actively working on. :)

May God reveal to you what needs to change in your heart to overcome this mood altering thing. (Then you'll have to blog about it and let us know what worked for you!)

My ADHD Me said...

I JUST experienced a "false idol"
I typed in a comment and twice my router (or modem or what ever it is) messed up and shut down. My mood changed immediately until I realized I was doing EXACTLY what I had JUST read about.
Coincidence? I think not.

Greg C said...

Hmmmm and I was just about to do a new post but this made me rethink what I was about to do. I will come up with something a little better and less negative. I fell in the same trap and let someone else control me. I hate when I let that happen. Thanks for the reminder.

On Purpose said...

I will be joyful in God my Savior!

Thank you SO much for this post Kelly! The problem is not my boys...ever...its me..and how I CHOOSE to react to their behavior. I SO needed to be reminded of this today.

May you truly know that you are a blessing and that God is working through you!

Edie said...

It was my email that inspired this post wasn't it? lol. Yes I too struggle with this and need to spend time listening to what He wants to teach me. Being teachable is hard work. :)

Kay Martin said...

I've sruggled with this over the years. I wanted a godly loving family so much that I put my husband and my children above God for years. This ended up being expensive for all of us.

Peter Marshall Jr. has some great teachings on this. Being a historian he weaves in the devotion of the pilgrims in the early years of America. They loved their families but they were quite mindful never to put them above God.

In churches across our land I hear an emphasis to husband, wife and children that makes me shake. If that first devotion is not pure and sure with God all other relationships will suffer for the lack of His love being first and foremost.

Good thougts here as usual.

Heather said...

Another poem entry...

Lover of blogging
I became

Wanted to share how
I wasn't the same

Since Jesus took me
By the hand

And led me to the
Promised land

My dreary blog does
Not reveal

What Jesus did in
My heart to heal

The wounds and scars from
Long before

And how I'll love Him
Forever more

Long for my readers
To be blessed

By a blog that is
Bright and fresh

Do you think you can
Do the trick

For a blog with dreams
Of reaching the sick?

Heather said...

What an important message Kelly! Thanks for sharing with us. God has really used your words to speak to my heart.

Your sister in Christ,

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

There's this delicate balance between being real and accessible on a blog and caving in to an emotional implosion; it's tricky. I am more likely to let co-workers affect my mood than family.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Kelly..
Thank for your visit and your encouraging words. Writing the poem for the blog makeover was fun lol.
I can so relate.. It took me years to realize after my two grown children were on their own that as children it wasn't so much what they did or say, but rather my reaction to them. So now with an 11 yr old still at home I see the difference in how I react to her when she tries me at times. and I am more calm and don't entertain her behavior with any reaction and she realizes it and moves on lol.

Hugz Lorie

sailorcross said...

My children are all grown, but still there are times when they have a problem or a "whatever" that I try to step in and "fix" this. I have no control over them (especially at their ages--27, 25 and 23), but God does. Why aren't I looking to God for the answers instead of myself.

But, mostly, this happens to me at work. One rude comment from a patient, one uncalled for remark from a co-worker, and my mood can change instantly.

Thank you for reminding to refocus at all times!!


HisPrincess said...

Ooooo. Ouch. Sometimes our entire household is ruled by the teenage princesses mood.

I've never thought about it in this light, but you are so right! Hmmm. What to do? Pray of course!

Janet Roller said...

Can you say, HILLSONG? I love to set the mood with worship music. Before I know it - my grumpy malfunction is forgotten and one hand is in the air (with the other on the vacuum).
Great reminder-

Julie Gillies said...

I am so busted, Kelly. I never realized that anything that has the power to steal my joy is in fact an idol. Boy, do I have a long way to go where my kids are concerned. I will be praying about this, girl!

God's girl said...

I just read on Lysa's blog that you have an article being published in P31 magazine. Congratulations!!! How exciting for you. Thanks for this post today.