Sunday, September 21, 2008

Listening for God

Edie over at Rich Gifts is doing her weekly random question. But I tell you her questions are anything but random. I think it should be "deep questions" or "important questions" but certainly not random. In any event, her questions this week is:

How do you recognize when God speaks to you?
God speaks to me always, sometimes, and rarely.

Always...I see God in everything and always think God is talking to me. Just read my blogs last week. I heard him saying "Be Set Apart for Me!" "Persevere in My Name!" and "I am the Resurrection and the Life!" I also hear him in the bible. I read the verses and relate them to my life. I check my thoughts against the bible. Are they accurate? I once worked with someone who said God said they could have sex before they got married. You know, if you check that against the bible, it just isn't so. I think that person needs to have their ears checked, or find out who is whispering those lies (Satan). I try to always test what I think against the bible to make sure I'm not confused by Satan who disguises himself as an angel of light and is the father of lies.

Sometimes...When I pray for specific answers, I don't always get them. But sometimes I do. It was important to me that my stepmom attend my daughters baptism. But she said she wouldn't go if my mom went. I couldn't not invite my mom. I just couldn't. As I sat in the rocking chair praying and crying for God to work it out, the phone rang. It was my stepmom saying she had thought it over and would attend. I know God changed her heart. You would to if you knew my mom. For my stepmom to attend, it was huge. There are lots of examples of times I prayed and nearly instantly got a response. But other time, I either didn't get an answer for a long time, or perhaps at all. (I've prayed for years for my mom to stop drinking, to be a mom, she never has). Maybe the answer was "no," in this case. Anyway, I don't always hear the answers, or at least the answers I'm looking for.

Rarely...Hearing the voice of God. I'm always in awe of folks who say "God told me....." Really? It's practically impossible to believe. I do believe them. But I wonder why God has a steady conversation with some, but not me. I thought I was his favorite? (just kidding - there is a t-shirt I saw that says "GOD LOVES YOU, BUT I'M HIS FAVORITE." I always joke to ADHD-Jo, my sister, that I want it.) But God doesn't talk to me in voice. Except once to my heart. I had been reading my least favorite bible story, one I didn't understand, but thought I did. I went into deep prayer and was crying and telling God I didn't understand why he would make the story that way because it just didn't make sense. I was in such deep meditation it was like I was nearly asleep, and suddenly God answered me. It was amazing. I got the true answer of the bible story. I understood it with clarity. I wept and asked for forgiveness for misunderstanding God. It was so incredible. I didn't hear a voice that was recognizable, but yet I knew the entire answer! One day I will blog on this whole story. I have actually submitted it to P31 magazine and am hoping they will publish it. If not, then I will share it here.

My opinion is that God is always speaking to us. We just have to listen. We also have to fight to not be deceived by Satan who whispers those lies in our ears. To do that, you have to be familiar with the Word of God (the bible) and then you can recognize his voice.

Exodus 15:26 -- He said, "If you listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the LORD, who heals you."

Psalm 29:3 -- The voice of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters.

Job 37:5 -- God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.


Sue J. said...

I'm glad He spoke to you to put all of this out there for everyone. Lots of powerful thoughts here; thank you for sharing them today!

As for they prayer that seems to go unanswered, or answered not as you would want...we need to remember that we don't understand God's plan in all things. And, I know I need to remember that He may not have finally decided on something.

Prayers of our heart are still really important to God. But, as I've been struggling to remember all week, the results need to continually be left with Him. But we need to be diligent in our prayers, regardless of what we see. "Perfection" is a longtime process.

My ADHD Me said...

I think God has answered our prayers about your Mother (ok, she's mine too). I wonder if you would be the person you are today if things had been different. Of all the kids in our family, it is only through you that I can see that "she", being who she is, has affected you and made you a stronger, more empathetic, powerful person than you ever were before.
God wanted you to share his word...there are things that you would not be able to relate to so well if "she" had been any kind of a real mother.
I believe with all my heart that God has great plans for you and many of them are already in motion.

And for those of you that don't know about our mom, well, when I describe her, I usually say that she is a cross between Sybil's mom and Carrie's mom, (both from books and movies). Take those 2 woman, add alcohol, prescription drugs, narcissism, shake and stir...and there you have it. (What? Why would you ask? I don't have ANY issues) :)

Chatty Kelly said...

"You meant evil against me but God meant it for good..." (Gen 50:20-21 WEB).

I have no doubt that God can turn bad to good. But that doesn't mean that I don't wish I had a normal mom.

And, she isn't quite as awful as ADHD-Jo made her out to be. She did plant the seed of Christian faith in all of us, made sure we went to church as much as she could, and Christian school. It's just mental illness desorts things, and soon things, including biblical things are jumbled. Which is why it is so important to read the bible yourself. :)

Edie said...

First I just have to say that I can't help but love you guys as I get to know you. (I also have noticed that I have a hard time leaving a comment without using the word love. Just an observation.)

What do you mean not random? I ask them as they come to mind and I can assure you that is pretty random. :)

This was so so good CK. I love (see) the way you broke it down like you did.

Try not to give up on God answering concerning your mom cause it's not over til it's over. I had given up on my highly rebellious daughter, but God saw the pain inside of her that fueled the behavior and He was able to reach her and change her. (I know you already know these things, just meant to be an encouragement.)

"I'm always in awe of folks who say "God told me....." Really? .... But I wonder why God has a steady conversation with some, but not me."
I so agree with you here. There are a few things I can say I know for certain God told me, but most of the time it's no where near that direct. I pour myself out seeking direction and then have to trust that He is leading.

I love that My ADHD Me is now ADHD-Jo. :D

"It was so incredible. I didn't hear a voice that was recognizable, but yet I knew the entire answer! One day I will blog on this whole story."
Oh sure, build up the suspense and then make us wait for the story. ;)

Guess I'll go take a nap while I wait. It's Sunday and I don't have the kids today. :D

Edie said...

One footnote to the book I just wrote.

ADHD-Jo is a pretty smart cookie.

Tammy R said...

Your right,God is always speaking to's just sometime we have selective hearing:)

Your writing always give me such insight!

Runner Mom said...

This is one of your best posts, sweet friend! I loved it! I do hope they will publish it at P31--what a blessing to those who read it!
Love ya,

You and your sister are just precious!

Truth4thejourney said...

Just as we are all unique and different (at His making) our relationships with Him are all unique. He will speak to each of us, but usually in different and unique ways.

I totally agree that we should be sure that what we think we hear is sound and tested by the Bible.

He can speak to us in so many ways, dreams, a still small voice, a prophetic word, even through a scripture we read. Don't forget the open doors (or closed ones).

We just need to be looking and listening for His answers. :)

That's where I can really struggle because I can get so caught up in the busyness of my life.


My ADHD Me said...

Ok, she never locked me in a box and she never tied me to a piano but other than that, I think I was pretty close on the description.
Oh, and she never stabbed me in the back...well, actually she did, but not with a knife.
(however, she did stand outside my bedroom door with one, thinking that if she used it on me it would prevent me from having to go through the difficult and sometimes dangerous teenage years. Wasn't that sweet, she was just trying to make sure that I didn't have to deal with those difficult adolescence years.

OK, I'm done...otherwise Chatty Kelly is going to ban me from her site.

Anonymous said...

What a lively conversation! I wish all my conversations with God were this back and forth! I hear the voice of God by getting into His Word. Sometimes while reading or listening, something will jump out and grab my heart. Sometimes it's conviction, sometimes it's intriguing, sometimes it's encouraging or instructive, sometimes it's just terrifying. But it's God speaking to me. You and your readers can download the free audio bible I listen to. It's found at

I really appreciate your question and discussion.

Kay Martin said...

Dear Kelly,
Thanks for guiding me here. As I ponder "hearing" God I see our noisy information age has some particular problems in "hearing" God or anyone else. Positioning myself is key to daily seeking God's voice in my life. In the Bible He tells us over and over that His Sheep; HIs children KNOW HIs voice.

In all close relationships I talk with people often and I know their voices so keenly I hear them above all other noises when they speak. I am positioning myself every day to "lisen" to prepare my heart with confession and emptying myself of anything that could hinder that connection. I am in the Word to read/hear whatever God's love letter will speak to me. Then...the hard part for me the talker; I quiet myself, I still myself and I wait for thoughts and promptings in my spirit from my Heavenly Father.

I pray that I heed with immediate obedience all that I hear from God ... the Shepherd. I'm very much like a easily frightened sheep. Thank God He the Shepherd will never leave me. I trust Him; I lean in to hear Him.

God bless you with tuned in hearing!!!

sailorcross said...

Hi Kelly!

I was just at Kay's and saw you had this post listed there.

I am so glad that I took the time to come over and read all of this!!

God does speak to us--maybe not in an audible voice, but He does speak. Sometimes (like just this last week) His voice was lost in all of my busyness!! I wasn't paying enough attention to listen to what He was trying to tell me.

But studying on my weekly memory verse, it suddenly hit me!! God had been trying to tell me all week long--"You're doing too much, you're wearing yourself out, ask ME what you are supposed to do today?" and I was too busy to listen.

What happened as a result of me not paying attention? I ended up in a terrible "funk"! I couldn't direct myself in any direction, do anything properly and was just downright angry about the things of this world.

Thank you, God, for finally slowing me down and redirecting me, renewing my spirit in YOU!!