Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girls Get-A-Way Cruise

Christan Women Mag, online
had an idea for a really good time,
and along with Art Bookbindery
set off to sail upon the sea.

Girls get-away cruise to Mexico
My friend and I would like to go!
But alas the trip we can't afford
the cost to go and sail aboard.

But wait, a chance to win the trip.
I'll use my talent to rhyme and quip.
I could meet Candace Cameron Bure,
She is a woman of faith, hip hip hooray!

On Full House she played a teen,
But today her faith is on what she leans.
But why do I need a get-away vacation,
And a chance to form new Christian relations?

I work hard blogging every week,
I lead a bible study for those who seek,
I serve on a Christian school board,
I love to serve and worship the Lord.

I care for 2 daughters and my hubby too,
Piles and piles of laundry I do.
Meals to cook, and house to clean,
I need a vacation, if you know what I mean.

I'd love to meet other godly women,
and yes, the chance to go swimming
on the luxury cruise to Cozumel
I'd love to go, or can't you tell?

Darlene Schacht, editor, C.W.O.
Please understand that I'd like to go,
So you & Candace & Art Bookbindery,
I'm asking you please vote for me.

Then I'll see you upon the cruise,
I'll be the one who did not lose.
And I'll thank you, both on sea and land,
and then I'll work upon my tan.


Susan said...

Oh I hope you win. This is great and there's nothing better than a cruise with friends.

:-) Susan

The Patterson 5 said...

What a cute poem! I hope you win!

Sue J said...

What? No Mr. Linky through which to enter the contest?? Somebody REALLY wants to take a cruise!

I know you have FOUND-THE-WAY, but to go on this cruise would be a really fun thing for you.

And, if nothing else, rhyming is such a great exercise for your brain, and it's fun for your readers. So, bring it on!

My ADHD Me said...

I hope you win,
I really do,
A cruise would be so fun for you!

It says take a friend,
Who would that be?
I know! You could take MyADHDMe!

Runner Mom said...

How precious! You've got my vote, chickadee!!

Love ya,

Irritable Mother said...

OK, is it the "official" people only who get to vote? Cuz if readers could vote - you'd have mine!
What a clever poem, Kelly.

Edie said...

I vote for you!!! Haha, this was very cute. I hope you win and get to go on your vacation. :D

I think myADHDme-Jo wants to go too, what do you think?

Chatty Kelly said...

I wish the fans could vote guys, but unfortunately it's all up to the folks listed in my poem.

But I appreciate your support!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Would you like us to send them a letter?
I could send them a letter with a link (cause I know how to link), to all of the bloggers that want you to win.
On second thought, maybe the letter should be from someone else....They may start reading my letter and completely forget what the contest was about in the first place.

HisPrincess said...

Great poem. I vote that you should win!

NYC said...

This is a great entry!

Mary- Girl's Get-A-Way said...

Kelly -- what a cute poem!
You can hope over to the cruise blog and take a look around. We have interviews, contests, and stuff galore.... oh my!

Amy said...

I entered too (my link is under amy -with a smiley - not sure how I got the smiley) however I want to wish you luck. Your poem is very cute!