Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Jonas Sister

I hate my new haircut. With all the rain we've had, it has curled up so much I look like Nick Jonas.

So I straightened my hair. Now I look like Joe Jonas.

I am so getting a new hair dresser. "ohhh, this is an S.O.S."


My ADHD Me said...

Oh my goodness. You look like a teenager in those pictures!!

Until this rain stops, you really don't know what it may turn out to look like.

Today is definately a Rosanne Rosanna Danna Day.

myspace editor layout said...

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how to pick stocks said...

very nice! hahahahaha

HisPrincess said...

It looks fine!

I'm having a bad hair day today too. I need a cut, I didn't have time to blow dry it properly this morning so today I'm avoiding mirrors...just another thing for Sharon the avoider to avoid!

Chatty Kelly said...

For the inquiring minds that want to know...the comment I deleted was just spam. Nothing mean about my hair. :-)

Joy in The Truth (Sharon Sloan) said...

Hi, Kelly. Love the Jonas look! They were just in our area the other night....the young gals were going crazy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We must have met at some point at She Speaks. :)

Edie said...

I think we are our own worst critics and rainy days give everyone a bad hair day.

Here's my strategy on ensuring satisfaction with my haircut. I cut my own hair. Yes I really do. I hate spending my money on a bad haircut and having to TIP for it too. I figure I can give myself a bad haircut and not have to pay a penny to get it. Then if I really mess it up, I'm glad to pay someone to fix it and I will be pleased because it is bound to look better when they finish.

Oh btw... that letter quiz before you post a comment is to keep the spam out. But how did you delete the comment? I'm sure it's easy but I haven't figured it out (not that I want to delete any, just curious.) :)

Edie said...

Well aren't you smart! I never saw that little trash can there before. Thanks!

My ADHD Me said...

Looks like this has been a very educational week for a lot of us!

And I still think those pics make you look like a teenager.

The Patterson 5 said...

I think naturally curly hair is hard to cut and still get it right. I am sure once the rain stops you will be looking like Chatty Kelly again soon, meanwhile enjoy the Jonas sister fame!

Sue J said...

OK, I just saw you the other day and you looked fabulous! But, you have commented on how rain affects your hair.

Praise Him in this storm, as you will say in a future post, and wait for the drying days to come.

Maybe you're really Jonah's sister.... (I know, that was horrible!)

Anonymous said...

I love your curls! I have decided to embrace mine and I hung up my flat iron. Really - as soon as I walk out the door it is curly again after 30 minutes of pulling it straight!! Sunny days are coming!

Anonymous said...

that was funny!! Well, as you know I have the same problem and my first day of work was yesterday with the rain--blame it on the rain--gotta blame it on something (I prefer blaming mom)A


Bonita said...

Oh good grief, crazy woman, you'd look beautiful even if you were bald!

Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Kelly,
I think you look cute! But I am with you girl a hair cut can make or break your day! I too have natural curls. In fact, curlier than anyone I know. I pull mine out with a hairdryer but with the rain that has left us and come on up to you....well lets just say Shirly Temple on a 46 year old doesn't look so good!

Love ya girl! We are going to have to meet someday!

Pamela R.