Monday, August 25, 2008

No Tip Tuesday

It's Tuesday! You know what that means don't you? Well, nothing. After last week, I decided not to do Tuesday Tips anymore. So in case you're here for that, I just wanted to let you know I'm not doing it. But I did want to share that my sweet friend Patterson 5, did share a tip, in case I changed my mind. (Isn't she a sweet friend?) So please go to the Patterson 5 Blog to read her tip on a "Date Escape."

Also, since you're here anyway, Let's play "Works for Me Wednesday - backwards edition." I wonder if you have a tip for me. I'm looking for healthy snacks to pack for school lunches. I've got the regular celery sticks & carrots, and my new creative idea is hard boiled eggs. If anyone else has any creative ideas that travel well in a lunch box, I'd love to know. Or a healthy after school snack. Just leave it in the comments. No Mr. Linky. My daughter thanks you in advance. She's not excited about either of my ideas.


Alyce said...

ahh..prepackaged snacks work good for us ;-)
We had open house last night, my daughters snack time is at 10:15 am! This is so different for us, because at the old school snack was like 2:30 or later. I still bought the usual though, pretzels, small bags of chips, cheese and crackers. GoodLuck!

Anonymous said...

You can buy turkey bologna--cut it into long strips and sprinkle some cheese on it--put it on a hot dog bun

instead of ranch for dipping I take cottage cheese and puree it and add a half of ranch dip packet

fruit kabobs

bean dip with baked chips

homemade muffins

cottage cheese with fruit in it

tortilla wrap with spread cheese (Joey likes the ones that look like a pizza with wedges)and a meat on top--he likes roast beef--you could than cut it like a pinwheel or just leave it and eat it that way


My ADHD Me said...

You can see who the chef in the family is. I always sent gold fish.

Beverlydru said...

Wow- anonymous has some great ideas! My kids liked peanut butter on crackers, goldfish, pretzels. They considered a real treat those pre-packaged dipping snacks with the processed cheese. Not so good for you but that was as "junky" as I would go. Another big treat to them was fruit rollups. (Almost counts as candy though) I found when I went overboard with unrecognizable things from the health food store, they traded out with unsuspecting children. LOL

Bonita said...

You are so funny and good natured.

-string cheese
-yogurt cups
-banana, zucchini, or pumpkin bread
-berries- blueberries, strawberries
-roll-ups- lunch meat, cheese and lettuce rolled up in a tortilla
-fruit cups
-graham crackers with peanut butter
-pickles or olives
-celery with peanut butter or cream cheese
-bagel with cream cheese
-pita chips and hummus
-salsa and chips
-trail mix
-sunflower seeds
-beef jerky (maybe not so healthy)
-breakfast cookies (I have a recipe)
-cantaloupe or watermelon (balls?)
-deviled eggs (you already said hard boiled)
-eggnog (at Christmas time in a thermos)
-gingerbread or molasses cookies

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I may post more later.

Starr said...

My oldest son used to like ham and cheese roll ups in his lunch box. I just took half a slice of han, put cheese on top of it, and rolled it up secured with a toothpick That was one of his favorites. It was easy to eat, too.
Frozen grapes are a good snack as well.
Love ya,

Runner Mom said...

Some of you are quite creative and obviously don't have PICKY children!! I have to agree with alyce--prepacked crackers, pretzels, etc.! We don't buy those often, so to them, it really is a treat!
Love ya,

Hey! I need a tip for getting rid of frizzy hair on a rainy day!!! Help!!

On Purpose said...

Fruit Smoothies (afterschool snack)
Ice chips

Edie said...

Wow ... is there anything that hasn't been covered already? I needed these tips about 20 years ago! :) Just dropped by to say hi.

Mrs. Sidney said...

Looks like everything is pretty much covered.

Nancy said...

I love to send little slices of block cheese wrapped in saran wrap or placed tiny tiny plastic containers. Great protein for energy.

It was great visiting your blog!

Jessica said...

Hmmmm, I'm feeling jealous. Why didn't my mom know any of this???
Hold on, I've got to call her and show her what I missed out on . . .

Actually, thanks for sharing though. I want my 4 yr old to have healthy snacks but, due to my own sad lack of snacks as a child, had no clue what to pack in his lunch box beside grapes and yogurt raisins.

kara said...

I like the idea of packing a fruit/veggie bread--zucchini, banana, pumpkin, apple/ could change it up according to what's fresh in the season. Maybe that's too much bread, though? I also have a recipe for fruit muffins--very healthy sweetened with honey instead of raw sugar and the recipe can be tweaked with different types of fruit. Let me know if you are interested in the recipe. Sounds like you got some great "tips" out of this email...maybe Tuesday Tips is back on???

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

I don't think there's a snack in the U.S. that didn't make it in these comments.

But if they're eating bean dip and ranch flavored things, and good grief, hard-boiled eggs, you may want to pack a stick of gum in there, too!

Sue J said...

Yes...I have to giggle.... "How to Succeed in Tip-ness Without Really Trying."

Ask for advice and ye shall receive... I know, I doesn't mean you're starting up the Tip blog again. It's just one of those funny things.

I have a recipe for homemade granola bars that's easy enough for the kids to make themselves. (Add your own favorite fruit/ingredients). You already have my pumpkin muffin recipe--which is more like dessert, I'm sure. The girls had long stick pretzels today, and you can dip or wrap those with cheese or chocolate.

Who has time for snack these days?! I feel bad that they have so little time for lunch and not enough recess. It's the snacks at home that become the really tricky ones to prepare. Just enough to get them to dinner....

Aren't you glad it's a No Tip Tuesday?!

Becca said...

I have to say I love hummus. I make my own, but store bought is better for you than most other dips. Maybe the carrots and celery will be better with hummus?

sandwiched said...

Here's our most recent favorite: Triscuits topped with peanut butter and sliced grapes. My husband and I have it for dinner sometimes! It was a WFMW post a while back:

Other faves are yogurt parfaits (yogurt, fruit and granola) and smoothies (here's a link to our favorite):


Mandy said...

I just discovered a few days ago...clementines. I just peel one in the morning, pull it open and put the two pieces in a small sandwich bag and my little kindergartener can take it from there. They are so sweet she really thinks she is getting a treat.