Saturday, August 30, 2008

Christ-like Quality

My friend Edie, at Rich Gifts, has posted her Friday Question: What quality of Christ's do you most see in yourself?

I've read the Mr. Linky links on her blog, and the self-reflections. I am so impressed with what I've read. These girls are on target. I have struggled with my own answer. My most biblical quality would be joyfulness. (Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit). But I don't think Joy is a Christ-like quality. I struggle to think of a biblical reference of Jesus being "elated" or joyful. He seems more gentle, especially than high-strung me.

So I guess my Christ-like quality would be teaching. I have a real heart for teaching women. I have led a bible study for stay-home moms for 9 years. I love it! I love being in leadership. Of course it comes with big responsibility. It scares me to think I might mislead someone unintentionally. But I always stress for everyone to test what they learn from any teacher with the bible. That goes for this blog too! Don't take my word for it. Check out the facts in your own bible with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Something else keeps coming to mind, so I will share it, although it is not a "quality." But something I see in my life, that I feel was in Christ's life is a difficult relationship with my mother. This is an arguable point (remember - check your bible and draw your own conclusions!).

I think of the instance when he was 13 and was in the temple. (Luke 2) His mother chastens him "we were so worried." And he responds "Didn't you know I'd be at my father's house?" He did obediently go with them, but it says they didn't understand what he was saying.

Later at a wedding, she tries to get Jesus to do something about the wine running out. He responds "Dear woman, why do you involve me? My time has not yet come." (John 2) Still he did perform his first miracle, turning water into wine.

In Mark 3, we hear the story of Jesus' family trying to get him to come out from where he was teaching. They said "Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you." Jesus tells them "Here are my mother and brothers!" referring to those sitting with him.

Like Jesus, my relationship with my mother is complicated. It is filled with misunderstandings and hurt feelings. I certainly am not trying to say I'm "just like Jesus." My mother is mentally ill, and in general not a very nice person. But like Jesus, who on the cross said to John "Son, here is your mother" (John 19) so his mother would always be cared for, I do try to ensure my mom will always be cared for even in our complicated and painful relationship.

My heart felt heavy to share that. I don't know if anyone will benefit from it, but I hope someone will. Perhaps like me someone is struggling with finding a "Christ-like" quality they possess. And by realizing that Jesus experienced everything we experience (temptation, rejection, persecution, and even difficult relationships!), perhaps you will be able to find that you are more Christ-like than you think. We all are the body of Christ.

1 Corinthians 12:27 -- Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.


Edie said...

I can see that you and I could have a great discussion on this post! :) A 9 year bible study, that is awesome. Teaching seems to come up as one of my spiritual gifts (not like the lecturing gift) so I can imagine how thrilling that must be to you.

The real Christ-like quality comes out in your compassionate heart. I know how difficult is is to choose to take care of someone who hurts you (me, whoever) deeply, and I know that it can't be done unless He does it though us. What could be more Christ-like?

I'm loving getting to you and this little bloggy group of friends!

Rhonda ... I mean Edie (Some days I just don't know myself.)

Bonita said...

Kelly, I believe joy is a very Christ-like quality, even listed as one of the fruits of the Spirit. While the Bible doesn't say that Jesus laughed, I believe wholeheartedly that He did. After all, we're made in God's image and we laugh and have joy. And joy goes way beyond just laughing to having a cheerful attitude.

Teaching- another Christ-like quality. And how about perseverance to hang in there teaching a Bible Study for 9 years!

And in your relationship with your mom you're displaying patience, compassion, longsuffering, goodness, kindness, demonstrated love, and just plain doing the right thing by taking care of her.

It seems to me you have plenty of
Christ-like qualities!

Susan said...

What an interesting perspective Kelly! I love it that you are finding ways to serve women in your ministry. I believe this is what I am supposed to be doing now and am praying for the doors to open.



Runner Mom said...

Hey, Kelly! What a great question to ponder--which is exactly what I'm going to do! Your response was wonderful. You can tell that joy flows through you by your writing voice! One of the many reasons I read this blog! And, thanks for opening your heart and sharing about your relationship with your mom. Bless you.

Love you,

Kay Martin said...

I believe I see everyone as loved by Jesus and there is never an impossible person to come to Him. Sometimes when I hear people despair over "tough" cases I actually weep and I have to watch myself. I will want to convince everyone on what God can do no matter what the circumstances are. So I don't know how to describe it, but when I read the Bible I never see Jesus without belief that everyone He encountered could be saved; even the rich young ruler. Jesus believed, but the young ruler was not willing. I guess that would be faith in God and the power of His Love.

Michelle said...

thanks for visiting my blog! Signing Time really helped us communicate when Kayla was younger too, she knew so many signs before she could speak them. How neat that you got to meet Rachel! I think I would be star struck too :)

Tammy R said...

I have to agree with Susan,what a geat perspective.I can see that you do have the gift of teaching!

Sharing your heart can be difficult but can also help others. But through your post and comments I can tell that you are also an encourager and inspire others to press forward,just like our great Teacher, Jesus.

Runner Mom said...

Make sure to hop over to my Sunday blog!! Hugs! Susan

Sue J said...

Everything said here is really on point. Joy is a HUGE quality, and I don't think you are just handed joy without also being handed (or allowed to experience) what comes before the morning (when joy comes).

You may have a hard time believing that you have the qualities Bonita has listed so beautifully, but when you consider what you and Christ have demonstrated--longsuffering, goodness, loving one another need to believe that you DO have His qualities.

It's not something we wear in our tiaras (we gave those up!), but when we come to accept that Christ's power works through those qualities, how much more we can serve Him through those parts of our character!

HisPrincess said...

I really don't know. Which is a worry. I will have to think about it...surely I have one Christ like quality?

Edie said...

Hi CK! Stopping by to tag you. :)

The Patterson 5 said...

Teaching is definately a atribute you have that is Christ like. Many have learned to search through God's Word to find the answers in your studies. You humbly admit you don't have all the answers.

I think Joy fits too! Jesus did attend a wedding feast and he did tell "one liners"! I know he smiles down on you as you are silly with your girls or jamming on stage in VBS!

Thanks for the reminder that Jesus has felt all of the rejection and hurt that we have. He became human so he could share those feelings with us. Maybe we are more like Him than we think.

My ADHD Me said...

Bonita said exactly what I wanted to...just more eloquently!