Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey Miley - Bonus Blog

I heard a great new song today, and thought I would share with you since most of you have like aged kids to me. It is by a Christian teen singer, Danya Powell and it is called "Hey Miley." It's a message to Miley Cyrus, who we all know is a role model to our kids...and has stumbled a bit in the media lately.

I had the chance to meet Danya's mom, Rebecca, at She Speaks. She is a published author and has been very encouraging to me along the way, even having just met me the one time! So check out Rebecca's Place, and read her totally "mom" post about her kids and then click over to hear Danya's song.

You won't be sorry and you might want your kids to hear it too. But as Rebecca warned, I'll echo, don't get mad when you can't get the song out of your head!!


Pinkshoelady said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for the visit.

Thanks for this blog too.

Your blog never ceases to amaze and challeng me...or make me laugh!

A fan!

Marina said...

I have a small boy I have aonther 7 years to go before he is a teenager but have been there done that with my daughter who is 25 now and married to a nice young man in the army. By the time my sons a teegager maybe I will be too old to keep up with him LOL!!,marina