Monday, May 5, 2008

Now Serving Party of 1

One of the blogs I visit has a subtitle under their title that says "Read by Tens of People Every Day." I think that is so funny. But here I am aspiring to just have ten readers, let alone "tens." It can be frustrating. Especially when I write something fantastic! (Yes, my four readers, I know you are asking "when was that? I must have missed that day!")

I have to ask myself what am I writing for? Am I writing for me? Well, kind of. Hopefully having the pressure to consistently write will improve my craft and make my writing better.

Am I writing for you? Well, kind of. I am hoping to inspire you, make you laugh, and keep connected. I'm glad you're here!

Am I writing for God? Whoops, there it is! Am I writing for God? The bible says "whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" in 1 Corinthians 10:31. God should be glorified in everything that is done. Am I writing for God? I hope so. I try to point all my blogs back to him.

A comment by "Susan" on my Friday post said "my daily goal is to 'shine like the moon.' I desire to be a reflection of the Son and to claim no light of my own." Am I glorifying God? Am I shining...but like the moon, reflecting the Son and claiming no light of mine. Am I making a difference for God? I don't know.

But I know my focus needs to be on serving a party of 1 - God.

***And the random winner selected by drawing names from a cup by my 8 yr daughter is Susan! Congrats Susan. Enjoy your 1 year subscription to the Proverbs 31 Magazine. And Anonymous MJT and Patterson 5, thanks for commenting!***


Sonya said...

Great encouragement, Kelly. If we can just remember to do all things as unto the Lord it will change some bad attitudes and help us to put our best foot forward!

Bonita said...

I enjoy your blog. In fact, I enjoy reading blogs more than reading books these days, but I have limited time and just can't visit any of them as often as I'd like. I suspect thats true of most people.

This is a great reminder to keep the focus right. That's hard sometimes because the desire of writers, including blog writers, is to be read. But it's so true that we should always be writing for an audience of one anyway.

By the way, that was a great quote by Susan!